Ok, so say you’re a new tow company owner who’s wet behind the ears.

You don’t have any real-world experience in the towing business. And you’ve never operated a tow truck or managed people.

So, over the course of the first year or so–you learn, via hard knocks, that some people are not high-trust individuals.

Drivers have come and gone, and some of them want to be the boss instead of an employee.

So, as a defense mechanism, you decide to implement a policy requiring all tow truck operators to sign a two-year non-compete agreement.

The agreement bars them from starting a towing business that’s in direct competition with your business–once they’re no longer employed with you.

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Now step back and look at the situation you’ve created.

First of all, you’ve planted seeds in the minds of your employees.

Some think of opportunities they might not have considered previously.

While others see weakness and lose a little respect for you.

But the biggest problem is the fear you’ve planted in your own mind.

Fear of loss now consumes your energy.

And leaves little room for planning and following through.

You’re playing defense.  When you should be on offense…

Looking for good recruits and then NURTURING them into rock star status.

When you allow fear of loss to rule you, you’re setting yourself up for a downward spiral that will eventually have you hating your business and wanting out.

And, try as you might, you won’t be able to hide the negative emotions. As they will infect every interaction you have with customers, vendors, and employees.

How do you think that’s going to impact morale?

I know this from first-hand experience.

No, I’ve never asked my guys to sign a non-compete, but I have allowed fear to creep in and impact my employees.

But Listen, if you’ve made this mistake too, or something similar, the best way to right the ship is just admit you made a mistake and reverse your decision.

The quicker the better.

Not everyone you run up against wants to start their own business.

Some prefer a reliable paycheck over the hectic drama of running a business.

Especially if you’re treating them right and acknowledging their value.

Instead of running doom-loop scenarios of mutiny in your head, try getting creative with ways of showing employees that you appreciate them.

When they are proud that they’re part of something good they’re more likely to stay where they’re put, do a good day’s work, and not go looking for greener pastures.

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Don Archer