You know how disheartening it is to see a young person going down the wrong path, and there’s nothing you can do to help them? 


That’s how I used to feel doing what I do. 


Take SEO, for example. 


While we are very selective of what articles we allow on our website, we sometimes accept guest posts from towing company owners. 


And as a courtesy, we provide a free link back to their website. 


Yes, a backlink from one of the most prominent towing websites in the US is very valuable.  


It helps their SEO. 


But sometimes, after accepting a post and providing them with a link, I’d get frustrated because the rest of their site was just a jumbled mess. 


Sometimes, the only thing they had going for them was our backlink. 


I saw things like more than one H1 tag on the same page, not hooked to analytics, very little content, only one page indexed in Google, and on and on. 


But now, rather than allowing that stuff to bother me, I simply write back and offer suggestions for improvement. 


Then the ball is in their court to either listen to me or just keep doing what they’re doing. 


But, sometimes…  


Sometimes…People listen intently and take your advice without you even knowing it. 


Here’s what I mean… 


The other day, I received a call from a young man who said he’d been following me for ten years. 


(As an aside, that’s when I remembered I’ve been doing this since 2010, when I started my YouTube channel.) 


Anyway, he told me about his business, which is now like three times the size of my towing business when I sold it. 


I was really impressed. 


And, while I’m not fooling myself and believing that his success is due to the content I created (videos, books, articles, and emails), I am thankful that I could play a small part.  


Think of the positive impact he’s had in the communities he serves.  


Not only are his customers better served, but his employees and their children have more plentiful lives and better opportunities. 


Speaking of serving, if you want to serve your employees and help your business grow and expand, there’s no better investment than creating a Policies and Procedures Manual. 


If you’ve been putting off doing this, as I know many of you have, we’ve created a template you can download and customize to your liking. 


You can find it here. 


Regardless of what you do, just know that your actions matter beyond your understanding. And setting your business up to proactively address the challenges that will inevitably arrive can positively impact others for years to come. 

Don Archer