The best type of customer is one who expects a specific and measurable result and lets you do your job unimpeded.  


Worst type of customer is one who doesn’t even know what he’s paying for. 


I’ll give you an example of what I’m dealing with right now. 


Back in 2020, a guy contacted me because he wanted a specific, measurable result. More calls to his business via better search engine optimization. 


His existing site was ranking for ten keywords and had zero traffic. Which, if you’ve been playing along, means his Google Business Profile wasn’t getting any love. 


So, he hired me to do SEO. 


And in a few short months, we had his site on Google’s first page. And with more traffic and more keywords, his phone was ringing off the hook. 


Yay for us! 


Fast forward three years to the Fall of 2023, his website was humming along, ranking for more than 1400 keywords. And he was making good money. 


Then, out of the blue, he contacts me and says he wants to run ads to landing pages on his website and wants to give a different marketing company access to it. 


Well, as you surely are aware by now, not all marketing companies actually do Search Engine Optimization.  


And besides… Optimizing Landing Pages for conversions via paid ads is WAY different than optimizing a website for Organic Search.  


Well, I attempted to explain this to him. And told him that allowing another company to fiddle with his website, in my experience, would only prove detrimental to the optimization of his site. 


But he insisted.  


And, low and behold, in less than one month of them gaining access, his website has lost more than 100 keywords and is tanking as we speak. 


Tanking, as in losing traffic, keywords, and authority in the eyes of all mighty Google. 


Three-plus years of work down the drain. 


Think about that. It’s like spending three years restoring a 1965 Mustang and then wrecking it in a street race.  


What a waste. 


Anyway, don’t worry about me. I’ll get over it.  


But unless he sees the error of his ways…and fast, his business will suffer as a result.  


To ensure that your business doesn’t suffer and you toil for years without direction, (How’s that for a Pivot?) I’ve created an employee handbook for your business. 


It’s fully customizable. You can edit it as you see fit and make it your own.   


It’s the best way to get everyone moving in the same direction. 


Get yours here. 


And, of course, having a handbook is your best defense for avoiding frivolous employee suits. 




Don Archer