Piggy-backing on the last email you received, I wanted to mention something I’ve learned since then. 


While attempting to correspond with the person who sent me the email about their experiences with a third-party police dispatching (3PPD) company… 


Well…For some reason she used an email that is no longer active.  


So I wasn’t able to email her back. 


Did she do this intentionally for fear of reprisal from her handlers, AKA the 3PPD company?  (BTW I would never give out anyone’s information. So she has nothing to fear.) 


Furthermore, if she wanted to remain anonymous due to the fear of retaliation, in what form do you think that would come? 


Might she get kicked off the list/rotation/whatever? 


Maybe slapped with a frivolous damage complaint? 


Or do you think these thugs prefer to deal with dissenters using a more hands-on approach? 


Don’t know. 


Powerful people have done outrageous things when they stand to lose money, contracts and status. 


Anyway, that’s one more reason why I would never get in bed with these jokers. 


They have way too much power.  And the contracts they negotiate for themselves, in some cases, allow them to bypass regulations the towing companies must adhere to.  


I’m not even going to get into the agreements with municipalities where, let’s just say…gainful deals are struck. 


But if public safety is paramount and the idea is to clear the road as quickly as possible so as to decrease the occurrence of secondary accidents, WHY is police dispatch being taken out of the equation? 


Why leave the dispatching to people who are not familiar with the area? 


Yeah, it works for Uber and Lyft.  


But the people using these apps aren’t blocking traffic, they just need a lift to the airport or another bar. 


And here’s something you might not have considered.  


The Uber model is peer-to-peer where people use an App to communicate with an Uber driver. The Uber driver is a contractor not an employee. 


Whereas most of the time, the tow truck operators being dispatched by the 3PPD companies are W-9 employees of someone else’s business.  


Did you know that the IRS says that “The more control a company exercises over how, when, where, and by whom work is performed, the more likely the workers are employees, not independent contractors.” 


Who controls your drivers? Is it you, a 3PPD company, or a motor club perhaps? 


The IRS even has a 20 Factor Test you can take to help you better understand this. You can find it here 


Enough of these Yahoos! 


Let’s talk about you. 


How you doing? 


It has recently crossed my desk that some of you are not trying to build a ginormous 30-truck towing empire.  


Some of you just want to serve people with an honest day’s work and earn enough money to take care of your family, with a little left over to save for the future.  


You don’t want the headache of dealing with employees or the overhead and all the other problems that come with a larger business.  


That’s completely understandable. 


But if you’re depending on motor clubs with their $22 dollar soft service rates and $45 hooks…you ain’t gonna make it. 


That means, even if you don’t want to be the biggest towing company in town, you still need to market your business.  


Which means you’re going to need, among other things, an optimized website – But what is an optimized website? 


Well this email is too long to begin to answer that question.  


So keep an eye out for my next email where I’ll peel back the onion and let you see inside. 


But if you don’t care about the tech stuff – and just want your phone to ring more often – and have money to spend on marketing – and would like one-on-one attention – and help growing your business from a guy who’s done it tons of times before, contact me. 






Don Archer