I wrote an article a few years back talking about the reason why I left American Towman Magazine.  


You can read it here, if you like. 


I bring it up because of a recent comment about a third-party dispatching company operating in Dallas. 


Here’s part of what the commenter wrote. 



“They have eliminated the Tow Company dispatcher and are dispatching straight to the driver…That creates dispatching problems. When I’m in the middle of sending a call to a driver who’s clear and they send him a call before I’m finished…poof, I have no driver for the call I just took.” 



There’s so much to unpack here. 


My first reaction is to ask why you would give up the autonomy of your business to these parasites? 


Next question is, who signs your drivers’ paychecks? 


Here’s another: Who’s responsible for the payroll taxes? 


Who’s gonna pay to fix your trucks? 


And on and on. 


Just think about it. What if the cash call she just took was a $300 dollar tow that she lost because the motorist was in a hurry and didn’t want to wait? 


For what?  


Potentially an officer instructed no charge service for a civilian – that you don’t know who or where to send the bill to? 


In essence, what it sounds like is happening is when you work for this particular third-party police dispatching company you’re allowing them to determine your profitability… 


Hell, your livelihood!  


If that’s the case, in my opinion…you might as well toss ‘em the keys and go on a well-deserved extended vacation. 


Stop working for these jokers.  


They’re living high on the hog while you do all the work. 


And from the way that it sounds, they’re not even taking their job seriously.  


I know, I know…everybody feels like they gotta play ball to make a living these days.  


But for what? 


So you can increase your debt load exponentially?  


Screw these guys! 


I’d rather live in a van down by the river than be a slave to people who could care less if I was earning enough money to keep tires on my trucks.  


They can call it a “partnership” all they want, but we know what it really is. 


They’re the gatekeepers of law enforcement towing. 


You want to know how to get past these gatekeepers?  


Focus on providing consensual towing and on improving your visibility in your community. 


Both online and off. 


Downsize and let ’em have police towing if it’s negatively impacting your profitability.  


You concentrate on growing YOUR business. It is your business isn’t it? 




Don Archer