You can have the best online presence, with high visibility using both Local SEO and paid ads, but it ain’t gonna make a hill of beans difference it you don’t know how to turn those calls into cash.

Yep, how well your business is doing is directly related to how well you sell.

So, if you recoil at the idea of selling, you might as well close the doors and go to work for the State.

Maybe you had a bad experience.

And now selling brings to mind smarmy car salesmen who cajole you into buying extra warrantees and products you don’t need.

So now…

Instead of listening, diagnosing, and reassuring your callers that you have a solution to their problem…

You’re defensive about pricing.

While this type of attitude will get you an executive position in the Sales Stomping Department, it’s not going to help your business grow.

Maybe you agree that selling is the best way to improve your business, but you don’t know where to begin.

If that’s the case, just know that before you can sell ’em’ something, you gotta put yourself in their shoes.

Which can be a little tricky at first because you’re all wrapped up in your stuff.


What kind of equipment will I need? Does the caller even know what he’s talking about? How long will it take for a driver to clear? Will they complain about the price? Will they be willing to wait? Is my driver going to complain?

As the owner, all these things and more are running through your head because it’s what you’ve dealt with before.

And what usually keeps us from getting better at a thing, like sales, is we don’t recognize our limiting habits.

We don’t want to accept that it might be the words that are coming out of our mouths that’s hurting us.

Let’s take it one step further and assume that you have dispatchers answering your phone.

What do you think they have on their minds when the phone rings?

How long till lunch? When can I take a smoke break? What did Josh mean when he said I looked healthy? Am I gaining weight? Why was he talking to that girl for so long?

Most likely, they’re thinking about anything BUT your customers’ concerns.

Which is why everybody needs to get their minds right before picking up the phone.

You need to know how to sell before you talk to prospective customers.

Sure, you might stink at first, but with practice and forward guidance, you’ll get better.

Take, for example, the Couch Flipping Guy Spencer Webber on YouTube.

I don’t know how he showed up in my feed, and his videos are a little dull, but the guy keeps plugging away.

He also understands the value of mentorship, so I’m sure he’ll get better.

Speaking of mentors, if you’re looking for a mentor but aren’t willing to invest a bunch of money into coaching, I’ve got something for you.

As I mentioned in my last email, soon, I’ll be launching a new membership program for those of you who need help growing your business.

I’m compiling my methodology for growing and scaling towing businesses and putting it inside the new Tow Academy App.

You can’t subscribe yet. And I still don’t have a name for it.

But when it’s available you’ll have access to fresh new business building content you can’t get anywhere else.

It’s updated regularly with videos, audios, courses, articles, and PDFs.

You can consume it at your leisure on your phone anywhere.

Listen to it while you’re driving down the road, towing, or drinking your morning coffee.

Now, a couple of caveats, though…If you’re thinking about taking advantage of this offer.

This is new tech. It’s not some cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf App.

So there might be some glitches we’re both going to have to deal with.

Also, my ways of doing things are legit business-building strategies. So, if you think I’m going to offer up a bunch of crazy motor club hacks or bait-n-switch pricing tactics, this ain’t for you.

But if you have a good business already and the ability to commit, what you’ll find inside has the potential substantially improve your business.

So keep an eye out for future emails discussing this offer.

Don Archer

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