They say when you worry you’re expending a lot of negative energy needlessly.

Instead of worrying, another option might be to take no action at all and attribute whatever follows to fate.

Neither route is a good way to run your business.

When we experience challenges, some people dwell on the problem without doing anything about it.

That’s bad enough.

Others investigate the root cause(s) of the problem.

But when they get close to identifying it, many back away and complain about the problem again.


Because change is hard.

Doing nothing is much easier than making the changes necessary to solve the problem.

For most people, change only happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of making the change.

For example, if your bank account has stagnated over the past six months, that’s a problem.

  • It could be because you had a large amount of repair bills.
  • Repair shop calls are fewer due to a competitor making inroads.
  • Maybe new and inexperienced drivers are causing damages.
  • Maybe it’s an issue with your Google Ads.

So, then you think about investing in newer trucks, drumming up more repair shop business, having extended or more intensive driver training periods, and checking your Google Ads ROI.

But when your day starts, and you’re running calls, putting out fires, and dealing with customers, all that stuff goes out the window.

Because there’s no time, and you got bigger fish to fry.

Of course, TIME is exactly why you should get your butt in gear and do something about it.

You don’t have enough of it.

You’ve got people who depend on you. How many years do you think you have left on this planet?

So, no, don’t worry…do something about it.

If you’re not working toward a FIX to the problem…well, my friend, that’s called work avoidance.

Rather than leaving your family with a pile of bills and a mess of a business, take the proactive approach and fix what needs to be fixed as quickly as you can.

Because there’s always gonna be more problems.

If you allow them to accumulate without doing anything about it… your problem-solving muscles will become weak.

You’ll let things slide more easily.

And slowly the light will fade from your eyes and you’ll forget why you started this business in the first place.

I know you want your family to have more than just food and a roof over their heads.

You want the best for them.

So, stop worrying and put your energy into fixing what needs to be fixed.

Don Archer

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