In 1982, the Chicago Tribune asked historians and political scientists to rate all the US Presidents through Jimmy Carter to determine who were the greatest.

At the top of their list was Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln was a tall, awkward man with a big nose and a thin neck.

His odd appearance was exacerbated by the fact that his expression was often gaunt due to being exhausted from his work.

He grew a beard because he thought it would make him look distinguished, but it did nothing but magnify his homely appearance.

Embracing his unique appearance, Lincoln wore a stove pipe hat which made him look nearly 7 feet tall.

He purposely rode a horse that was too small for his long legs, resulting in him looking silly in the saddle.

And he had a reputation for telling stories and anecdotes with humor, which helped him get on good terms with people.

So, what made honest Abe the most loved president of all time?

It was the fact that he was ok with being less than perfect.

You see, people didn’t see him as superior to them.

They felt comfortable being around him because, while he held the highest elected office in the land, he wasn’t condescending or arrogant.

Yes, unlike many of the politicians we see today, Lincoln was a real man of the people.

And because he was ok with being not okay, others felt comfortable around him.

Think about the people in your life that are egotistical and loud-mouthed.

You know, the ones who know it all and aren’t afraid to tell you where you’re making mistakes.

Do you really enjoy being in their company?

Probably not.

This same psychology is also one of the reasons why shallow, skinny and attractive young women sometimes associate with the more plumply-built gals.

Because skinny chicks don’t see chubby chicks as competition for a mate.

And although it may not be intentional, skinny chicks know they look good by comparison.

The takeaway from all of this is that when you’re working on business development and speaking to shop owners and other business owners, it’s not necessary to be perfect.

In fact, if you walk into a repair shop and present yourself and your business as the greatest thing since the invention of towing, you’re not going to get very far.

Take a step back and understand that other business owners want to do business with real people.

People who are relatable and likable.

And, if life teaches you anything, we’re all fallible.

Besides, if you take yourself too seriously, the first mistake you make – might cause you to overreact and do something stupid, like not taking full responsibility.

Try that a few times, and you’ll be drummed out of business in no time.

So, when you’re talking to potential customers, relax and be okay with being a little less than perfect.

Because when you relax, they’ll relax and feel more comfortable around you.

Nobody’s perfect.

While a strong online presence is a must in today’s world, ensuring that business relationships offline are in good shape – is also important.

If you need help growing your business, contact me.

Don Archer