If you’ve ever been behind the wheel, minding your business, and been rudely interrupted by someone who thinks you cut them off, you’re in good company.

Yep, happened to me a couple of days ago.

While it was frustrating being tailgated and on the receiving end of nasty hand gestures, it was funny and somewhat fitting that moments later, we both ended up STOPPED at the same red light.

For all of the energy put forth, zero ground was gained.

Do you ever feel that way in business? Like you’re not moving forward?

It’s a problem because, without marketing, you’re pretty much guaranteed that, at some point, you’re going to be sitting in silence, waiting for the phones to ring.

But most business owners only think about advertising when the phones STOP ringing.

When that happens, then they’re desperate for help.

They’ll listen to anyone’s pitch and pour large sums of money into various marketing mediums.

They throw money at Google Ads, SEO, Facebook, Display Ads, Radio, and even Billboards.

Yeah, you read that right; some towing businesses are spending money on Billboards.


Anyway, in a desperate scramble to get some calls, they’ll dump large amounts of money on a wide array of advertising mediums, where inevitably, something begins to work.

And, like a rainstorm after an extended drought, the phones finally begin to ring.

And they’re busy again.

One problem with this type of marketing strategy (or lack of strategy) is that, eventually, they’ll get too busy.

So busy that they can’t keep up, and then they stop advertising altogether.

Why is it a problem to stop advertising?

Two reasons:
When you stop advertising without evaluating what media were the most effective, you doom yourself to wasting money when you begin advertising again. Because you don’t know how to repeat the process.
The steady stream of calls generated by your now-halted advertising efforts will eventually dry up, and you’ll have to start all over again without ever knowing what actually worked.

Rather than relying on this type of Up-and-Down-Again marketing strategy, you need a reliable system that provides a steady stream of calls and the ability to know where they’re coming from.

This is where the real growth comes from.

Here’s what one of our clients had to say recently.

“The tools and dedication the Tow Academy has given us have propelled us to a level I could have never realized on my own. We thrive because of the Tow Academy and your team. The numbers we generate have been steadily increasing each month. We regularly hit $200k a month now, a far cry from $10k a month when we started our partnership together.”


Don Archer