The other day I got an email from one of the leading industry magazines with the subject line, “Towing for Copart is easy and profitable.”

I almost spit out my coffee.

But then I started thinking; this is a publication towers go to for valuable information.

Why would they promote stuff like this?

Yes, I know…magazines make their money from ad revenue.

But it’s gotta make you wonder who is actually being served here.

There are thousands of tow company owners (me included) who have towed for these large auto auctions and would never do it again.

So the ads aren’t aimed at us.

It’s either truckers pulling car-haulers, which is an adjacent industry.

Or newbies to towing.

Those who don’t know any better.

But promoting this stuff to hardworking business owners just because they’re naive seems horrible to me.

Of course, you may not care about the newbs and may even champion the idea that they consider an insurance auction company as a viable option.

Cause it keeps them away from cash-paying customers due to opportunity cost.

Those who see through this chicanery are not going to be swayed by a magazine ad or any other nonsense.

Building a business consists of much more than grinding for faceless corporations that churn through people.

But those who continue to think and act transactionally…they’re doomed to this type of work.

And I’ve been thinking lately about why so many start out this way.

I’ve come up with what I like to call the Big Kahuna theory.

They believe that by getting a large volume of business from one or more giant corporations like a motor club, or auction company, they’re assured of a high rate of return.

Rather than committing to chipping away at what they deem to be the non-productive work of business development and building one relationship at a time, they want to be seen as the Big Kahuna as quickly as possible.

But the cost for this faux status negatively impacts the bottom line. And for some, if they don’t check their ego, they’ll stay mired in the same position for decades.

Besides, anybody who knows anything about this business knows who pays well and who doesn’t.

So they ain’t fooling no one.

Don Archer