I get that question all the time.

It's usually from people who have not yet dipped their tow into the wide world of towing.

My answer is simple. The best motor clubs are the ones you don't contract with.

Yes, some of the clubs pay more than others when you're contracted with them. 

But zero clubs pay your regular rates if you're a contractor. 

So instead of contracting with them, do this.

Make your business findable on the internet.

That way, when a motor club dispatcher can't find one of their low-paid contractors to do the work, they'll search outside the network.

Then if they call you...just quote your normal rates and get paid immediately with a credit card.

One caveat here. I'm not saying that you shouldn't never ever contract with the motor clubs.

Running club calls can be a great way to learn your craft when just starting out.

New experiences allow you to work through scenarios you might not have seen before.

And make you a better tow truck operator.

And motor club customers can also be a good source to solicit reviews for your Google Business Listing.

Also...if you play your cards right, you might even get some of them to refer you to their friends and family.


And possibly call you next time...instead of their moto club.

Especially if they were stuck for 3 or 4 hours roadside, waiting for their club to find a tow truck.

Here's my recommendation, though.

Use them to gain all of the above. 

But at the same time, work on your online presence. And work to get away from contracting with them.

Because millions of motorists have been burned by a motor club a time or two (being required to wait extended periods before getting the help they need.)

And they all have one thing in common.

That one thing is a smartphone and the ability to search "tow truck near me."

So, if you're Google Business Profile and website aren't coming up for that term, and hundreds of other terms motorists use, you'll want to get to work on this part of your business right away.

I know you're busy, but if you want to be successful in this business, you've got to do what successful business owners do.

That's all for now.




Don Archer