And just like the song from Queen, “Another One Bites The Dust”… 


Those heartless sons-a-guns over at A motor club everyone is familiar with have killed another business by yanking the rug right out from under them. 


I’d like to say that it’s UNBELIEVABLE, but, unfortunately, it’s par for the course.  


Happens all the time. 


After years of loyal service and millions of dollars invested this motor club has abruptly and without warning decided to go in another direction and cause a decades-old towing company to shut its doors. 


Is anyone surprised? 


Probably not. 


I just hope you have contingency plans in place because… 


If you’re still working for these guys…(any of them) and are keeping your head down so as not to make waves…you’re still not safe. 


Because, just like the kid in class who doesn’t know the answer and, therefore, avoids eye contact with the teacher, you’ll eventually get called on. 


Even if you’re being good and doing what you’re told… 


If you’re still messing with these people, one day, it’ll be your turn on the chopping block. 


Because motor clubs do not care about you and your business. 


To them, you’re just grist for the mill. 


Meaning, when someone or something else better comes along, regardless of how long, how faithful, and how cheap you’ve provided service, you’re gone. 


That’s why you have to take control of your business NOW!  


If you don’t have a wide and varied customer base and are overly dependent on any single entity for your livelihood…it’s a very risky business you’re in, my friend. 


And this is especially important if you’re riding high on the hog right now.  


Because something’s gotta give with this economy, mass migration, and the trillions of dollars in debt we’re in. 


Now, you know me…I’m an eternal optimist. 


I hope you understand that by now.   


I believe that if you work hard and take action every day to grow your business away from these clubs, you’re gonna be fine. 


You’ll most likely have a fabulous future ahead of you. 


But, if you’re not moving in a direction where you’re less reliant on motor clubs and other industry participants (who incessantly churn through people), you’re going to continue to struggle. 


Even though I love to poke and prod at these abusers, it is ultimately your responsibility to make your life better. (Never assume they care.) 


OF COURSE…the towing company that “Bit the dust” bore a lot of the responsibility for their own demise.  


They allowed themselves to become that dependent. 


Which, in my humble opinion, is an unwise move. 


Bottom line, now’s the time to become an established business in your community. 


So that you’re a known quantity. The GO-TO towing company in your town. 


And you get there doing work both online and offline. 


Don’t get caught in the aftermath of what’s to come. 


Don Archer