Gotta tell you a story about something a little embarrassing that happened to me a couple of weeks back. 


My wife and I were in the Walgreens looking for pool toys for the kids, and as I was looking at the aisle signs above the aisles, I noticed one that said, “Seasonal Incontinence.”  


I elbowed my wife, motioned, and laughed. I said, “What the heck is Seasonal Incontinence?” I thought, what would cause that? 


A few seconds later, I noticed that it was two separate signs, with Seasonal Items in one aisle and Incontinence products in a different aisle behind it. 


It just lined up perfectly from left to right.  


I laughed so hard, once I realized my mistake, we almost got kicked out of the Walgreens. 


The things life hands you sometimes are golden, aren’t they? 


Of course, if you’re always stressed out because you’re worried about this or that, it’s difficult to see the beauty that’s in front of you. 


If you’re always worried about the competition, getting enough calls, and myriad other things, the stress this puts on you can actually kill your productivity, imagination, and deplete your energy. 


Whether you’re stressed out for a good reason or it’s just a trumped-up fear in your head over something that’s never going to come true, the energy you give it is not good. 


That’s why I suggest that instead of focusing on what you don’t want to happen, you spend your time proactively moving toward the things you do want to happen. 


Want more house accounts? 


Visit more of the repair shops, dealerships, trucking companies, construction businesses, landscaping companies, UPS, Fed-Ex, Amazon, and more. 


What you want to do is create an environment like that song at the beginning of the old sitcom “Cheers.” You want to make it “So Everybody Knows Your Name.” 


Any location where people drive to do business, whether it be their place of work, or a place people go to get coffee and donuts…Is a place where someone, someday, is going to need one of the services you provide. 


And, if you’re a familiar face…and they have an easy way to get in touch with you… 


 (Rather than calling and waiting hours for their insurance company to find an unknown, cranky tow truck operator who grudgingly does the least amount of work possible for the pittance he’s being paid…) 


They’ll call you. 


That is…if you have the next piece of the puzzle in place.  


It’s easy to get in touch with you.  


How do you do that? 


Of course, you could leave your card. (which is a good idea) 


But, what’s more effective is to make sure that you’re memorable. So, rather than Googling “tow truck near me” they’ll Google the name of your business. 


How do you make yourself memorable? 


Stop being so stressed out, notice the beautiful things life hands you, laugh at yourself, and tell funny and embarrassing stories. 


And if you want to know how to supercharge this strategy with something you can do on your website, holler back with the subject line of “Supercharge” in your email and I’ll tell you. 


That’s all. 


Don Archer