In an effort to avoid popups, ads, videos, and other distracting stuff online I recently downloaded the Brave browser.

Brave blocks ads from showing up when you do a search, and I love it.

I’m not the only one.

Millions of people are now using Brave and other similar solutions to avoid seeing ads.

The bad news is – if your only strategy for getting new customers – is Google Ads, your potential customers may be blocking you.

Of course, not everyone uses ad blocker browsers (Yet), so Google Ads is still a great way to get new customers.

But if it’s your only way, you’re leaving money on the table.

So what are your other options for getting new customers besides running ads?

Motor clubs (Ok, if you want to be like a desperate 8th-grade girl, hoping someone looks her way)
Coparts (Come on… man!)
Law enforcement (Good work, if you can get it. That is if local gubmint hasn’t regulated the profit out of it yet)
Parking enforcement (Very profitable in many areas, high overhead, people will hate on you by way of reviews)
Networking (Highly recommended, building “boots on the ground” relationships is your best use of time)
Paid Leads (Hit and miss. Works for some towers in highly populated areas, not so much in tiny locales)
SEO (Well, if you’ve been on my list for any time, you know what I think of this. Yes, yes, and yes!)

Yes, building relationships with business owners and customers is a must.

But, being highly visible in your community is a prerequisite to accomplishing this.


Because…your new friends might need to find you/share your phone number again.

No one hangs on to business cards anymore.

And Search Engine Optimization is the least expensive way to get and stay visible online.

Of course, you may have already tried doing “SEO” yourself, or you paid someone else to do some version of it.

And because what they or you did… didn’t quite work out…you may tend to shy away from it now.

I get it.

They either didn’t get it right or failed to stay committed to the process. Whatever.

But here’s the deal.

Tackling SEO yourself is difficult and time consuming.

It and other distractions can keep you from concentrating on the one thing that’s guaranteed to grow your business.

Building relationships!

That should be YOUR focus, your one thing.

People do business with people they know, like, and trust.

But how can they get to know you if they don’t know you exist?

At The Tow Academy, our job is to get you visible in your market…ONLINE.

We get you on Google’s first page.

Your job is to build relationships in your market…with real people.

So, stop distracting yourself and concentrate on the one thing you can do today, build relationships.

Let us take care of the online stuff.

We know what works, we’ve done it for hundreds of other towing companies, and we know we can do it for you.

If you’re ready to grow your business and want more cash calls, let’s talk.

Don Archer