This morning, I was running, and I noticed a Bass Pro Shop hat sitting on the dashboard of some guy’s van.  


And I immediately started thinking about going to the Bass Pro store some 30 miles away. 


I didn’t need anything from there but was almost ready to go until I realized I had just fallen for the power of suggestion. 


And I got to thinking…that’s why television news and advertising work so well.  


Then, my runner’s high led me to thoughts of conspiracy theories. 


Whoever controls the world wants the majority of us thinking in specific ways so they stay in control. 


You know, create a problem like climate change and then offer a solution like electric cars. 


I used to hate electric cars – because I had to take an extra long look while crossing the street. 


You can hear combustion engines a half mile away. 


But those freaking electric vehicles are so quiet.  


And what sound they do make is so high-pitched my ears can barely hear it. 


Anyway, I now hate electric vehicles due to what they represent. 




Resources are scarce. 


There’s not enough oil. 


We’re killing the planet with all our consumption. 




That’s what “the powers that be” are selling you. 


It’s not progress. 


If it was progress, why was Tesla given billions of your tax dollars? 


Rockefeller and Ford weren’t subsidized by the US government. 




I’ll tell you why.  


Because if you think in terms of scarcity, then you’re controllable. 


Because, as an individual, you feel small compared to the problem. 


So you give your power over to the gubment for answers.  


But, I couldn’t give a rump’s roast about conspiracies. 


What I care about is what living with a scarcity mindset can do to you. 


With a scarcity mindset, you allow a bad employee to remain, even if everyone else thinks he’s an A-hole. 


But you keep him around cause you’re afraid you won’t find anyone better. 


Thinking in terms of scarcity will have you running $35 dollar motor club calls because you’re Primary and don’t want to lose that status. (Been there, and I was stupid for doing it.) 


Scarcity thinking will have you worrying about the competition and pricing your services below where they should be. 


It will stop you from approaching other businesses to form partnerships and alliances because you think another towing company has already beat you to it. 


Scarcity thinking is debilitating.  


Now, I’m really not against electric vehicles.  


Heck, I’m even looking forward to flying cars. 


That technology is taking off. 


But what I want you to look out for going forward are blind spots like the climate change nonsense and others. 


Not because I want you to put on your tin foil hats but because of the small nuances of change you might make because of it. 


And how it can keep you from growing and thriving. 


Of course, there are times to be conservative and always think before you leap. 


Just try to recognize when you’re not operating in the best interest of you and those you care about. 


That’s all. 

Don Archer