People email me regularly asking for help starting a towing business.  


And I’m glad to help…but sometimes they don’t like what they hear when I respond. 


I got this one today. 


“I am trying to start a towing business in (Large Coastal City) because my other business just went kaput. So do you think it’s a good idea to start a business in this current economy, and if yes, can you help me avoid making mistakes down the line?” 


My response started with some good news. Saying that, I’m not at all concerned about the economy.  


Many factors point to increased demand for towing.  


Traffic accidents are more common due to smartphone usage and increased distracted driving.  


More goods are moving across the roadways than ever before.  


A lot of people are buying stuff online. So there are more delivery vehicles hitting the pavement. 


And the U.S. population age 65 and over, has increased by 38.6% from 2010 to 2020.  


And as we age, we have slower response times. So we’ll see more accidents from this age group.  


So, I told him, yes, starting a towing business is a good idea.  


Then I said… 


“But only if you’ve learned your lessons from whatever caused your other business to go belly up.” 


I have no idea what happened to his business.  


Didn’t tell me. 


But until he takes full responsibility…and realizes he was the captain of a sunk ship, there’s a good chance he’ll go down that road again. 


Encouragement comes in various ways. 


And I ain’t gonna sugar coat it just so your feelings don’t get hurt. 


Pain and hard truths can help young men make changes that turn them into responsible adults. 


It’s like having a foreman who enforces proper behavior so everyone succeeds.  


You’re not allowed to show up drunk, you can’t bring your girlfriend to work, you can’t get in a fight, don’t smoke in the truck, etc. 


And if you step out of line, you’re outta here. 


Getting rid of bad employees strengthens your team. 


It’s likely that no one wanted that jacka** around anyway. They didn’t want to be associated with him. 


But enforcing proper behavior also makes YOU stronger and a better leader.  


And strong men want to be around other strong men. So, you’ll attract better employees. 


If you’re a limp-wristed enabler who lets everyone do what they want and put up with bad behavior because it’s hard to find drivers…I don’t know what to tell you.  


Other than to say, that’s called scarcity thinking, my friend. And it ain’t going to serve you long-term. 


Scarcity thinking is likely what got you into that situation in the first place. 


And if you don’t make a change, you’ll simply attract more of the same kind of folks. 


So don’t hesitate to have rules in place and enforce them. 


Strong men build strong men. 


Fire folks who get out of line… who knows, they might even thank you for it later. 


And if you need a set of rules and guidelines to get started, you can do yourself a favor and get a copy of our Policies and Procedures Manual. 



Don Archer