I don’t know if you’ve ever had this problem, but one of my biggest challenges when I first started up in this business was being short on cash to pay for truck repairs.

Sure, I’d eventually come up with the money.

But sometimes the bills weren’t always paid in a timely manner.

Looking back, this was at a time when I was heavily dependent on motor clubs.

As I’m sure you are aware, repairing diesel engines aint cheap.

And there’s also a limited number of shops that actually have good diesel mechanics.

So, maintaining a great working relationship with the good shops quickly became one of my top priorities.

Because, as you might imagine or have experienced yourself, if you get a reputation as a slow-payer, as I did for a short time, the shops tend to put your repairs on the back burner…

Only getting to them when they have time.

Of course, when your trucks are sitting idle waiting to be fixed, this eats into profits.

Even worse is, if repair shops don’t hold you in high regard (as is the sentiment for slow-paying customers), they stop referring you work.

And if all this isn’t remedied fast, the whole mess can cause you to spiral out of business.

So, whatever you do, ensure that your support crew (repair shops) are paid as quickly as possible.

Take out short-term loans if you have to.

Always work on growing your relationships with vendors. Bring them donuts and cookies and pay them on time, and they’ll work hard to get your trucks and equipment back up and running as soon as possible.

And, if you are still dependent on motor club calls for a large portion of your revenue, and you’re looking to get more cash calls, contact me for help by clicking the link and filling out the form.

Don Archer