Wanted to share a text I got last night from a long-time friend and client.

It came with a video showing off his brand-new rotator.

“A huge milestone and accomplishment for my company and my family. Thank you Don, you helped make this happen, the tow academy had a hand in this dream. Of course, God directed my steps to you and your friendship and the tow academy. Please share my gratitude with Brenda and your family and your team.”

My response.

“Congratulations. I was super pumped when your son told me you were getting it last week. You and your family worked for a long time to have the ability to get to this point. Never discount the fact that it was your commitment, faith, and dedication to your family that has propelled your success. I’m thankful for the opportunity to help.” 

Now, I don’t bring this up as a brag.

Sure, we helped. But it was his persistence that made all the difference.

I wish I could relay all the bumps in the road this man and his family have had to endure.

I’ll just say that there were numerous points on his journey where no one would have blamed him for throwing in the towel.

Some of his troubles are still in the works. But does that stop him from forging onward?


You know why?

Because he didn’t give in to the fear.

As you can tell from his text, he’s a religious man.

And in the Bible, we’re told more than 300 times, “Do not be afraid.”

A few years ago, I didn’t understand how important that message was, and I’m still trying to fully grasp it.

Now, when you hear “do not be afraid,” you might think that we’re being told to relax and allow what happens to happen.

And for you high-spirited entrepreneurs out there, that’s just not something you’re willing to accept.

But I don’t believe that’s how those words were intended.

To me, “don’t be afraid” is meant to keep us from falling for the trap of scarcity thinking.

And doing nothing to better your lot in life will definitely lead you down that path.

We’re told not to be afraid because there’s an abundance of resources and opportunities all around us.

If only we look.

Seek, and ye shall find…right?

Well, that’s what my friend kept doing.

Even after losing a loved one in a tragic accident, rather than falling into a pit of despair and staying there, he mourned and then got back up and got to work.

Because of his faith, he knew which path to take.

Rather than complaining and allowing himself to focus on the bad things in life, he was grateful for what he had.

And with this positive outlook, his eyes were open to possibilities and opportunities for ways to improve in many areas of his life and business.

And now his cup runneth over.

Contrast that with most people, who mainly focus on only the bad aspects of this business.

The problem of course, is focusing on negative outcomes preloads certain expectations into your mind.

And these thoughts are then with you during every interaction.

So, when you encounter what you perceive to be objections or pushbacks, you tend to have a knee-jerk, negative response.

Which usually produces an outcome that is not in your best interest.

That’s why I suggest you do as my friend does and start off each day and every interaction with a clean slate.

Forget about what happened yesterday and focus on what you’re grateful for today.

I’m not saying lobotomize yourself. I’m saying don’t react in kind when people get ugly.

And I know it might be difficult at first, especially if you do impound work. Your job is to help people retrieve their property, so do it as pleasantly as you can.

Not for their sake, do it for you. To transform your thinking.

With enough practice, you’ll be enjoyable to speak with no matter what comes. And you’ll be much more confident and reassuring over the phone.

Which is what motorists are looking for when they’re having trouble with their vehicles.

I have one final thought before I let you go. The acronym GIGO stands for Garbage In, Garbage Out.

It’s from the 1960s and was used to explain that computers only process what they’re given.

If it is given bad information, it will produce bad information.

Same goes for humans. If we consume Garbage in the form of harmful, misleading, or incorrect information, our thoughts, words, and actions will produce the same.

So, be careful who you hang out with and what you allow into your eardrums and eyeballs.

I know it’s Memorial Day weekend, and many of you will spend time with family and friends.

But not everyone’s in business for themselves like you are.

They don’t understand your challenges, and even if they did, they might try to persuade you off your path.

Don’t let them.

I’m not saying don’t listen. Just be mindful that you’re on your own journey and remember what’s important to you in order to achieve your goals.

While you may not be where you want to be yet, every day work toward it, you get one step closer.

Ok, that’s it for me. If you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

Don Archer


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