Came an email from a long-time acquaintance.

Does this sound familiar?


After responding to an accident, my driver had to wait more than 45 minutes before being cleared to perform a recovery on a vehicle that was tied up in trees down a snow-filled embankment.

Another 45 minutes later, he was loaded and headed back to the shop with a 2007 Ford Focus, which would no doubt become my property as it reeked of liability-only insurance.

Next, we were called by XYZ Roadside to provide a lockout on a Volvo road tractor. I gave them a price of $125.00, and they gave me a credit card number.

Had a driver close by so he got the job done before I was able to run the card. When I did run the card, it came back declined.

Thinking I’d been scammed, I called XYZ Roadside back, but they didn’t answer.

I tried three more times and finally got someone on the phone. They told me I needed to take a picture of the truck and send it to them before I could get paid.

But the truck was already gone.

Fortunately, we had the truck driver’s phone number. So we called, and as luck would have it, his trailer was being loaded a few miles away.

So, I had a driver head over there to get a pic and send it to XYZ Roadside.

They finally held up their end of the bargain and unlocked the card so we could run it.

Funny thing though, when my driver was getting the picture of the Volvo, he learned that the truck driver had paid XYZ $250 for the service.

Last on my list of woes for the day is a brand new dent in the wrecker used in the snow recovery.

While winching the vehicle up and over a sapling, it whipped up and smacked a still-standing dead tree, which broke loose and got up close and personal with our tow truck.

Anyway, enough complaining. Wanted to give you a heads-up on what’s going on with us. Just the upside down version of the good, bad and the ugly.

Now for the good.

Ever since we’ve been with you guys, we’ve been very consistent on the cash calls side of things.

I tallied it up last month, and you helped us generate more than $40,000 in cash calls.

Now, don’t you hurt yourself, patting yourself on the back.

It’s not just from Google Ads and SEO.  Yes, of course, that’s what’s allowed us to keep a steady stream of new blood flowing in, but a lot of it’s repeat business from all the contacts we’ve made.

Damn sight better than what we were doing.

We’re building as we go. Looking at building a new office garage, too.

Just wanted to say thanks.

Does my heart good to hear he’s doing so well.

But if you think I’m going to take credit for this guy’s success, you’re off your rocker.

This man is a rockstar in his community.

He started with one goal and did what was required to achieve it. Then, continued setting new benchmarks.

Which naturally caused people to want to help him.

We just happened to cross paths along the way. And it worked out.

Of course, I don’t believe in coincidences.

At the risk of being blasphemous, I lean on the Divine Intervention side of things.

Enough about me.

Do you have a goal?

Or is it a struggle to get to the end of each day without something blowing up?

Maybe instead of goals, you’ve got a ton of excuses why things aren’t working in your favor.

Is that it?

How’s that working for you?

Well, you can play the victim all day long if you like, but I think you’re better served having a goal.

Even if it’s something small.

Commit to it, write it down, look at it every day, say it out loud, tell people who love you about it…

And then get off your butt and get going.

Don Archer

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