Using Video To Get Your Business First on Google

Using Video For Improved Visibilty

Hey, this is Don Archer and it really is a great time to be in the towing business. Not only do towers have the ability to communicate with, locate and service customers quicker and easier than ever before. But there’s new technology available that, if taken advantage of, promises to make your company much more visible.

In this 11 video course, I’m going to show you how to create and edit a video, create a YouTube account, and then upload your video to your YouTube account. I’ll then show you how to create a website for your business, including how to register a domain name, get your site hosted and choosing a platform and theme to personalize it. Then you’ll learn how to embed your video on your site for the whole world to see.

Don’t worry… this stuff isn’t expensive or hard to do and if you already have a website that someone else has built for you all you need to do is have them upload your video for you. But I suggest that you learn this stuff for yourself. If you do you’ll have the control you’ll need so that you can do it over and over again. Later on, I’ll explain why this is so important.

Before we get started you need to know why we’re doing all of this and how it’s going to get you on top of Google’s list.

First: It’s important to understand what Google does and why they do it.

Most people believe Google is just a search engine but it’s really a gigantic media outlet. And all media outlets make money by selling advertising. Google’s no different.

Television and radio stations create and promote the content you’ll want to watch and listen to so they can sell ads. If you’re not interested in what’s on their stations, then their customers (the advertisers) don’t make sales.

Google is similar to radio and television in that they want the results of their customers’ searches to have what they’re looking for. For example, when someone types in “Towing Service Houston” Google wants to be 100% assured that what shows up in the search results are towing companies based in Houston. Not information on Whitney Houston.
If Google’s users don’t find what they’re looking for they’ll start to see Google as less than reliable. If that happens then less and fewer people will choose Google when searching online, and eventually, they’ll lose advertisers.

What this means to you is—when you have content on your site that coincides with what your customers are looking for then Google wants to help promote you, it’s in their best interest to do so.

Using Video For Improved Visibilty

The only problem is there are a bunch of companies vying for Google’s attention.
That’s where video comes in. A video is very powerful. When your website has video and other content that’s relative to the search terms people are using, Google likes it a lot. In other words, if you have what your customers are looking for and it’s in the form of an easily consumed video, Google will send more customers your way.

Now for the good part. Google ranks websites in many different ways, by the incoming links, by relevant content and by the numbers of people who gravitate to your site. But Google doesn’t just count the number of people who visit your site, they also look at the amount of time they stay. The way Google sees it is if people are staying on your site for a while there must be something good there. And if so they’ll want to rank your page higher than those without good stuff.
Do you see where I’m going with this?

If you have a 2-minute video that’s compelling then there’s a higher chance your visitors will spend more time on your site. Rather than landing on your page, searching for your phone number, and clicking the x to leave, your video gives them more of a reason to stay.

And…If one video makes them stay a bit longer why not post a second and a third?
I think you get the picture. Ok now onto the second video “Creating and Editing Your Video.”