Online marketing has surpassed all other media for effectiveness, but if you’re not doing it right you could be wasting money. While Google does offer Smart Campaigns, that anyone can take advantage of, for the most part, they’re ineffective. Rather than wasting your time and money running one of Google’s generic campaigns, our experts will put together an effective pay per click marketing campaign for your business. Let our team of Google Ad experts get you more cash calls while decreasing your cost per click .

While marketing your business online is the most effective way of reaching new customers, it can be difficult deciding where the bulk of your marketing dollars should be invested.

Online Marketing Options

  • Google Ads

  • Display Ads

  • Facebook Paid

  • Yelp Ads

  • YouTube Ads

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin

  • Instagram

  • Organic SEO

While Organic SEO, Google Ads, Facebook, and Twitter are effective tools for tow company owners who are looking to gain market share, the remaining options aren’t a good fit. With our Google Ads marketing services, we help you get more out of Your Advertising Dollars.

  • Fully Compliant With Google’s Rules For Optimal Ad Performance
  • We Decrease Your Cost Per Click
  • We Help You To Avoid Costly Mistakes
  • We Optimize Your Ads For Calls Not Clicks
  • We Save You Valuable Time And Headache
  • The Result Is You Get More High Quality Cash Calls.

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Online Marketing with Pay Per Click

When it comes to marketing your towing business online, there’s no better choice than Google AdWords’ paid search, otherwise known as Pay Per Click, (PPC). PPC is a marketing tool where advertisers bid against one another in an auction for keywords.

Here’s How It Works

Rather than allowing advertisers to buy keywords, Google uses auctions with specific criteria to determine the winner. But contrary to what you might believe, The Auction Winner Isn’t Always The One Who’s Willing To Spend The Most.

But why would Google do it this way?

Google is a search engine first and an advertising company second.  They know that, for their users to return again and again, the search results provided must be of the highest quality.  If not, Google’s users may use other “more reliable” search engines.  This is something Google aims to avoid. So with paid search, If You’ve Done Everything Else Right, You Can Be The Lowest Bidder And Still Have A Chance To Display Your Ad To Potential Customers.  This is important because complying with what Google wants can decrease your Cost Per Click, CPC.

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Simple AdWords Formula

For their AdWords auctions, Google uses a fairly simple formula to determine who the winning bidder is and how much you will pay when someone clicks on your ad.  It is..

(Maximum Bid (times) Quality Score = Ad Rank)

  • Maximum Bid is just that…the maximum amount of money you have agreed to pay when someone clicks on your ad. This is set in your AdWords account.
  • Quality Score:  Your Quality Score is determined by a number of factors.

First, there’s your landing page (the page associated with your Ad Campaign). Not only must it be relevant to the search terms entered, but, if you’re sending people to your site, the page must also provide them with a good experience. And the page must be of high quality (meaning; optimized, properly linked and indexed, so that the search engines easily crawl it.)

Keyword relevance: The keywords you use in your ads must be relevant to the search terms Google’s users have entered.

Click-Through Rate: Your Click-Through Rate or CTR, carries the most weight. Your click-through rate is the percentage of the people who see your ad, who actually clicks on it. So If 100 people see your ad and only 1 of them clicks on it, your CTR would be 1%. The way Google sees it is if your ad has a high CTR that means that people like it. And if people like your ad, then Google wants more users to have the opportunity to see it. Again, it has to do with relevance to the search terms entered and great user experience.

The result of the Maximum Bid multiplied by the Quality Score is the Ad Rank

Ad Rank

Your Ad Rank then determines how much you pay per click, cost per click, CPC…and if your ad is eligible for display. The next step is understanding how you can positively affect your Click Through Rate, CTR so that your Quality Score is higher.

Improving Your Click-Through Rate

So now that you know that one way of decreasing your Cost Per Click, CPC is to improve your Click Through Rate (CTR) the next logical question is how do you improve your CTR? The most effective way of improving your CTR is by creating a better-optimized ad campaign with ads that people want to click on.

So How Do You Write Ads That Compel People to Click?

An effective ad must include three necessary elements: Features, Benefits & a Call To Action. Anything that doesn’t fall into one of these categories should be eliminated.

  • Features

Features are basically why a customer should choose your services over the competition.  Clean Trucks, Courteous Drivers, Just Around the Corner, Fast Response, Free Donuts.

  • Benefits

No one calls for a tow truck because it’s fun, they do so because they’re experiencing a problem.  Benefits are the solution to the problem.  Getting to work on time, taking their car to the repair shop, Having peace of mind knowing that a tow truck is on the way to help a stranded child. An ad that says “Stuck On The Side Of The Road” may not be as compelling as “We’ll Get You There On Time,” precisely because the first one only addresses the problem whereas the second provides a solution. Customers will only click if they perceive your ad to be the solution to whatever problem they’re having.

  • Call To Action

An effective Call To Action is one that sets your ad apart from the competition and compels your customer to click.  Which of these ads does it better?  “Click here now for a tow” or “See Why The Police Call Us When They Need Help.” Obviously the second is more compelling because it relays trust.  It basically says, “The Police Trust Us And So Should You.” Creating better ad campaigns and ads will increase your click-through rates providing more cash calls and a decreased cost per click.

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