I gotta take my hat off to motor clubs due to how good they’re making my clients look. 


Seems like all you have to do nowadays is show up when you say you’re gonna.  


Ok, here’s what happened.  


Just yesterday, one of my clients got a 5-Star Google review that went something like this.  


“We called AAA and waited for two hours. We got tired of waiting so called this towing company directly. They arrived within 22 minutes of our call. From the gentleman on the phone to our driver Mike, this place is top notch and professional. First class service! Thank you!” 


Isn’t that nice? 


A cash call and a 5-Star review, it’s like taking candy from a baby. 


Jaded motor club customers are the low-hanging fruit of the industry.  


And you know why it only took them 22 minutes to arrive? 


No, it wasn’t because they broke down next to their shop. 


It was because they have more than 30 trucks and operators who are not out chasing motor club tows at $40 dollars a pop. 


Of course, like many of you, the company that got this review went down the motor club path for a while.  


And learned the hard way that… 


You can’t keep good drivers. 


You can’t afford damages. 


A single truck repair can eat away the entire month’s profit. 




Motor clubs lie, cheat, and steal. 


And of course, motor clubs are unwittingly training their members to avoid calling them because it takes so long for a tow truck to arrive.  


Which means… 


Motorists are choosing to use Google to find their own towing company. 


Of course, now that you know all this – it opens up a whole new can of worms for you, doesn’t it? 


You’ve gotta do your part to get and close those calls. Arghh! More work! 


Sadly, many lack the knowledge, motivation or the communication skills to capitalize on the abundance to be had.  


Others, might get it, but would rather stay in their lane and play ball with the clubs. 


But there’s this third group who eschews scarcity and rebuffs mediocrity. You understand that you don’t know it all and are open to learning.  


You’re business is in a good place, but you’d rather it be in a great place. 


Which means, you’re my kind of people. 


So if this sounds like you, and you’d like to and want to learn more about how I can help you get in a great place, get in touch. 










Don Archer