When I was a kid, I lived in a trailer court where we had this tight-knit group that liked to play football, basketball, and other team sports.

And we were good too.

Sometimes other kids wanted to join in the fun. But if they were easily distracted, less disciplined, and didn’t play by the rules, they didn’t last very long.

Now, I’m not telling you this to brag. We didn’t live in a double-wide or anything.

No, I’m saying that we had the most fun because we consistently adhered to the rules of the game and other guidelines within the group.

What does this have to do with your business?

If you don’t have a specific set of guidelines and priorities for yourself and your employees to follow in all aspects of your business, you’re gonna miss out on the gravy.

What’s gravy?

Gravy is growing your customer base exponentially over time because you’ve proven your value.

Gravy is when your customers refuse to call anyone else for help with their cars other than you.

When you get into the gravy, you’re having way more fun.

But, when your dispatchers are distracted by whatever they’re looking at on their phones (social media, cat videos, the latest gossip) in between calls, they perceive customers to be annoying when they call.

And your customers can sense it.

You know what I’m talking about.

How quickly can you pick up that the person on the other end is sick of the conversation and ready to get off the phone?

Is that what you’re going for?

Of course not!

What’s the solution?

I suggest a daily dose of discipline in the form of reinforcement of your company’s mission.

And, no, I’m not talking about some long-winded statement that contains little meaning.

I’m talking about a one-sentence statement that everyone can repeat and gives meaning to their jobs.

My job is:
“To quickly help people get back to their busy lives when they’re having problems with their car.”

Of course, a mission is just the beginning.

The next step is training them so that they transform into professionals who take pride in their jobs.
Listening first, gathering details second.
Reassuring the customer that their problem will soon be resolved.
Objection handling to close the sale: Time, Money, & Treatment.
Be willing to offer easy solutions that may not necessarily result in a service call.

You’ll find more on this here if you’re interested.

By the way, here’s my mission.

I help tow company owners get more customers and close more calls, even if they don’t know their way around a computer, are not great at sales, and don’t have time to learn.

Don Archer