Towers…your competitors are not your enemy. We have one common enemy and that is the motor clubs. They have successfully pitted us against one another for years…but now time has come for us to unite and say no more.

A rebellion is on the horizon…

Many in the industry believe that there’s really no way to do it. That there’s no real way to free ourselves from our oppressors. To that I ask, have you never heard of the Declaration of Independence?

Those guys put more than just their businesses on the line, they put their lives and the lives of their friends and families on the line. And for what? To just make more money? No they were idealists with a dream. They wanted to be free and live lives of abundance without the old king telling them how to live…while he took the fruits of their labor. And…say what you will about the United States, notwithstanding the current administration, we’re still the best damn country on the planet. And as long as I have breath I’m going to fight against those who seek to take what’s not theirs. 

The truth is, not only should we be inspired by those who started this country, way back then, but we owe it to them to fight for what we believe.

The sacrifices they made, to take a stand and fight against oppression, were meant to create a better world for us.  But what’s happened now is…Somehow it’s…all gotten turned upside down.  

Much of the towing business is no longer a free market industry…where we provide a service for a fair price.  Motor Clubs continually capitalize on and perpetuate the myth that towers are out to charge unfair rates. When in reality they have are the ones who have been overcharging their customers, and I’m talking about the GMC’s and the ATT’s, and other companies that seek to provide roadside assistance to their customers.  They’re overcharging them, promising a greater customer experience, while paying us chicken-feed, and pocketing a fortune in the process.

Let me ask you a question. What would happen if, for just one day, every tower stood united and refused to run any motor club calls? Let’s say we answer the phones like usual and run cash calls and emergency calls but just say no to the motor clubs. What would that look like?

The answer is…it would be total chaos.  Can you see the motor club dispatchers’ fur fly?  I would love to see the face of my old Agero Rep. on that day.

But I can hear some of you out there saying that a move like that would be unfair to the motorists who need assistance.  And that we should be respectful of their time…And that empathy works best.

To that I want to remind you that there are only two things that motivate people.  One is moving toward pleasure and the other is moving away from pain.  And that, while I do empathize with motorists and the fact that they don’t really understand how the whole Motor Club system has been corrupted, something needs to change despite of their troubles. And in order to affect change we need to make life difficult for our exploiters, the Motor Clubs.

Remember on “No Motor Club Day” you’re still going to answer the phone.  And once motorists realize that their motor club has failed to come through they’ll pick up the phone and Google “Tow Truck”.  So don’t worry.

What I do want you to think about is the fact that Motor Clubs are the new Mafioso. But rather than a shake-down once a week, or once a month they’re getting your money from those big companies they’re lying to.  They’re receiving $75 to $150 dollars or more for each of the services you provide and pitting you against your neighbor to drive rates to the floor.  This leaves you with $25 or $30 dollars.  Ask yourself is it really worth it? At least with the Mafia, your money gets you protection. Not with the Motor Clubs. They have no loyalty whatsoever…as soon as someone else says they’ll do it for less…you are gone.

So I just want to know what you guys think about this, “No Motor Club Day.”  It’s just an idea with a lot of rough edges right now but I wonder what kind of change would be brought about if we were to actually follow through.   Would we all be standing in front of a firing squad at 1 Cabot Road, or would things change.  Maybe rates would become more reasonable.

Let me know what you think.