AAA Towing Experience, Helping Mrs. Maisy.

“Can I please have three scoops of Chocolate Pecan Fruity Pineapple?” Mrs. Maisy asked in her uniquely mature genteel tone. She was having car problems, and AAA was on the way. And as luck would have it, she was right in front of “The Eye Screamery,” the newest Ice cream shop in town. So, she went inside to get some ice cream while she waited.

As she anticipated the cool delight, she struck up a conversation with a woman in line next to her.  “You know this is the third time this has happened to me this week…car problems.”

Politely smiling, the young woman listened as Mrs. Maisy continued.  “It’s rough when you’re a widow, ya know. I’ve got nobody to help when things like this happen.”

Feeling compelled to reply, the woman began politely, “Yeah, we just replaced the alternator on the…” but couldn’t finish her sentence as the elderly woman jumped up and began hollering.

Dismayed, the woman watched as Mrs. Maisy bolted from her seat and ran toward the glass entry doors, yelling, “AAA, AAA.”

The disruption prompted everyone to turn and watch as Mrs. Maisy flung open the doors and waved her paper-thin arms wildly as if motioning a rescue plane to land.

Outside, the AAA driver couldn’t help but notice the commotion going on. He quietly hoped that it had nothing to do with him. But as he pulled his truck up behind the car where Mrs. Maisy had finally planted herself, still waving and yelling, his hopes were dashed.

Once the AAA driver was completely stopped though, Mrs. Maisy calmed herself, unruffled her jacket, and returned to pay for her ice cream.

To his credit, the AAA driver waited, held the door open for her to exit the ice cream shop, and then watched as she walked past the car and made a beeline to his truck.  “Mrs. Maisy?” He questioned, following along after.  “Yes, young man, thanks for coming so soon.” She replied.

“They said you’re having car problems; can you tell me what happened?”

He should have taken her extended hesitation as a sign to withdraw the question, as Mrs. Maisy took the next 30 seconds just to clear her throat.  She then opened the door to his tow truck, placed her ice cream on the dash, and slowly climbed into the front seat.

“I’ll tell you, son, I’ve had the worst luck with that car.”  She began as she tasted her ice cream for the first time.  “Oooh, that’s good,” she squealed.

One Crazy AAA Towing Experience

As she finally settled in the seat of the truck, she began, “You see, I was driving along and stopped to get my grandson a book at the bookstore. He’s three years old and learning to read.”

“I was in there for just a few minutes.”  She said as she wiped the chocolate from her lips.

“Then, when I came out to get in my car, I noticed that the lights were still on.”  “I never leave the lights on.”  “So anyway, I was looking around for the button that turns them off, and it was already set to off.  You ever see that before? It was off…but still on.”

“Well, no, ma’am…” the driver started to reply and was immediately interrupted with, “Anyway, I put my key in to start it, and it acted like it didn’t want to start.  It went wanht… wanht… wanht… and then it finally did start. But it took a while, ya see?”

“It sounds like the battery. Let’s see if we can…” the driver said as he motioned toward his toolbox. But she put her hand on his shoulder and stopped him, “But then I was able to get it going…you see?”

Mrs. Maisy continued, “I had some other running to do, so I… well, to tell you the truth, I forgot about my car problems and went straight to my hair appointment with Barbara.”  Mrs. Maisy laughed at herself, “I have an appointment scheduled with Barbara every other Tuesday, and I wasn’t going to miss it again.”

“So I went and got my hair done, and when I came out after the hair appointment, the car started right up, no problem.”

“Yeah, that’s battery, all right,” the driver interjected as he turned to get his jump pack.  “But wait,” Mrs. Maisy warned, “I’m not finished.”

The driver stopped and came obediently back to her side.  “I didn’t tell you what happened yet.” She said sternly, silently scolding him with a glare.

“So, as I said…after I got my hair done, I went out to my car, and it started right up. So I decided to head to my daughter’s house to give my grandson the book I just bought. Ok…so that’s when I got the funniest call on my cell phone.” She smiled to herself as she paused to catch her breath.

Beginning again, she said, “Yeah, Barbara, the one who does my hair, she was calling to tell me I’d forgotten my car keys.”

Cocking her head to one side, the old woman looked the AAA driver square in the eyes and asked, “Can you believe that?” “Here I am driving down the road, and Barbara calls to tell me I forgot my car keys.”

“Well, I told her that she must be mistaken because I’m driving my car right now.”  “Barbara then tells me that my car is still in the parking lot.”

“That’s when I pulled over and called you.”

Slowly, the driver turned to look at the car he’d been parked behind this whole time. He motioned to it and said, “So this isn’t your car?”

Mrs. Maisy replied, “Nope, but I think you’re right about the battery. Hop in, and I’ll show you where Barbara’s place is.”

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