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The worst feeling in the world is that of being alone and in need. Unfortunately many in the towing business are reluctant to lend a hand to their fellow towers. Their fear of scarcity causes them to play their cards close to the vest. But they’re only harming themselves. As the newbie is cutoff from all possible resources he resorts to acts of desperation and drops his rates. He runs motor club calls at ridiculously low-ball rates just to be seen and get experience. And when he attempts to land a spot on police rotation- he’s forced to re-invent the wheel. And, since you only get one chance to make a good first impression, he’ll have a hard time gaining their confidence. Of course, law enforcement is supposed to remain fair and unbiased when calling for a wrecker. That is unless you’re not on their good side.

And I should know. Back in 2007, I encountered unparalleled favoritism in the ranks of The Highway Patrol. I looked around for help and found nothing but legislation and roadblocks that flew in the face of fairness while legalizing and condoning an individual Trooper’s right to his biased choices.  With no help and no resources, I began writing to all that would listen. And as I worked toward a solution I quickly learned that I wasn’t alone. And as time went by I realized that the deck was stacked against all of us. Cities can legally impose rate caps and require our participation if we choose to be a part of their rotations and contracts. Motor Clubs have a legal monopoly and use negative media images and descriptions to create fear of our industry among motorists. And states burden us from both sides, creating more and ever-increasing licenses, taxes and requirements to be in business while limiting the dollars we’re allowed to collect during the course of business.

In an effort to gain momentum I started shooting towing videos on YouTube in 2010, (The Tow Channel). Back then my intention was to gain credibility, educate fellow towers, and have a little fun. But after seeing the success The Tow Channel had I realized that there was an opportunity to do more and reach more people with my message. In 2011 I started writing for American Towman Magazine and their website Tow Industry Week, reaching more and more towers as I drilled home the injustices I witnessed. But as I pushed the envelope each week, I realized I needed to take the reins and do more.

Welcome to The Tow Academy. My intention in creating this site is to help towers- one at a time- to create lasting, positive, change in the entire industry. I discuss best practices and strategies to build your business and how to become more proficient at marketing your services- while avoiding all the bad stuff that can so easily discourage you. I talk about taking charge of your business and not taking on so much debt. You don’t want to feel compelled to do run calls that aren’t worth your time just to pay the notes. I bring to your attention the worst of the motor clubs and detail the ridiculousness of what’s expected of us.  Specifically, I drive home the fact that you are not losing anything if you choose not to be contractually obligated, they need us more than we need them. I took me a while to come to the understanding that this is a business and in order to continue providing service to those in need, I’m required to make enough money, not only to profit but put money back for all the rest. I want you to learn this too. The towing business is a business first-not a Public Service.