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One of your best customers, Auto Repair Shops, should not be taken for granted. Just because you’re friends with the mechanics, and when you tow one in you get the car there in one piece, doesn’t mean you own them.  You must take great care to nurture each of those relationships. The only way you can consistently be who they choose is if you understand their needs.

Every day repair shops provide a variety of services from simple oil changes to brakes and engine issues and periodically they’ll get a call from a customer whose car can’t make it without a tow. They work hard to provide the best service to ensure their customers come back and they need to know the tow company they choose also provides the best services possible. They need to know that you have their best interest in mind.  They want a towing company they can trust. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what exactly they are looking for? Here are a few things you can do to show you care about their business.

  • Move your truck. Don’t allow your tow truck to block their garage doors or block the regular flow of customer and employee traffic when parking on their lot.
  • Provide extra services before and after the tow- Services like; picking up keys from a customer’s home or business before it’s towed or moving a previously towed vehicle (maybe one without a wheel) into their shop.
  • Keep your trucks clean and in good working order.
    The way a repair shop sees it is: “You never know when a customer may need a ride and the last thing I want is my customer sitting  in a trashy tow truck. The impression they get from the towing company carries over to their impression of my business.”
  • Be available at the customer’s convenience. When they need something towed they need it now not 3 hours from now. “If the customer waits too long he may change his mind and make other arrangements…which means I lose money.”
  • Be friendly and presentable and to take good care of their customers.
    “The tower should be customer-oriented and understand the importance of attention to detail. Treating customers with respect and taking pride in his appearance.”
  • Be attuned to the demands shop owners and service writers experience. “I want the tow truck driver to wait until I’m done taking care of customers before he asks for a signature or for help finding a place to drop the car. When you guys do that I know, right away, that you care about my business.”
  • Provide a clearly written invoice that includes, not only the charge for services, but all the information needed to properly log the vehicle into their system. “When I get a scribbled bill that I can’t understand that’s when I start looking for someone else.
  • Stop in the shop first and ask where the vehicle should be dropped before you drop it. “I know I’m busy sometimes but I may have emptied a spot inside because I knew the car was coming. When you stick it outside without asking first that just creates more work for me.”
  • Leave the mechanical work to the professionals at their shop. “Please don’t attempt to diagnose or fix my customer’s car before it gets to my shop.”
  • And of course they want the tow truck driver to deliver the vehicle to their shop. “If I call your company to have a vehicle towed in, and later learn that the truck driver suggested my customer take their car to a competitor for the needed repairs, I will no longer use your services.”