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Tell us how you really feel about tow truck operators.

Here’s one piece of the puzzle you left out. You sort of alluded to the issue when you said, “But their avarice only adds to the reasons that some people prefer not to come into the city and spend money.”

One of the reasons people don’t want to come to your city to spend money is because there’s no place to park.

Admittedly there are rogue tow truck operators in the towing industry, as is the case with every industry, even (Journalism???)

But most tow truck operators provide a great service to the community. They clear the roads of hazards, namely vehicles left abandoned and motor vehicle accidents. These services help thousands of motorists every year, keeping them rear-ending other motorist while they’re busy craning their necks, just to get a look.

In the case of Private Party Impounds, and illegal parking, tow truck operators give property owners (the people who pay the mortgages, real estate taxes, and who have invested time and money for the privilege of being able to serve consumers by providing a place where goods and services can be purchased) the ability to have unwanted, illegally parked vehicles removed from their lots or spaces designated for their businesses.

While I agree that rogue operators need to be kept in check and punished for operating outside the law, I believe you are doing a disservice to your community when you disparage the entire towing industry. Which is evidenced by your tone and the words that you use.

No one likes to have their car towed away. But. from my experience, and I’m sure that thousands of towers across the nation will agree, most motorists who do park illegally, will say and do anything to avoid the bill. And that includes not being truthful about the circumstances involving the tow.

What’s the solution? To begin with it’s not throwing fuel on the fire and jumping up and screaming that towers are bad, horrible people.

Regulations? yes.
Rate Caps? Maybe. If they are reasonable and take into account everyone who stands to lose if rates are too low. (We still want to reward positive actions)
Repercussions? Definitely. The bigger the punishment, IF IT’S PROVEN that a tower committed an illegal act, the better. (We want to punish negative behavior)

If you believe that towers want to be looked at as rogue ne’er-do-well’s, misfits, and pirates, you would be wrong. Each one has a mother, and a family, and provides a needed service to the community where he or she lives. They pay taxes and have plans for the future. In short, they’re just like you.

So please take these items into consideration the next time you give your opinion about these hard working men and women.