Ok, let’s assume that you’ve spent the time and money to ensure that your website is structured properly and that the pages are completely optimized for the keywords your customers are using.

Let’s also assume that you, or someone you are paying is constantly behind the scenes, working to increase your business’s presence online. Working on REAL SEO THAT WORKS, so that you continue to rank higher in the search results.

Great…you’re doing a lot of things right, which means you’re getting a decent number of phone calls. But you still have room for more high quality cash calls.

You’ve either read somewhere, or some marketing agency has told you that having videos on your website is a good idea. And…if done properly, it is. But before we get into how to properly implement video on your tow company website, let’s look at why it works and why you should consider using videos on your website.

Why Video Works.

Easy Answer…It’s in our DNA.

Early humans, in order to survive and not be eaten by a lion or something else equally horrifying, had to constantly be aware of their surroundings.

Which means that, over time we’ve adapted to be attuned to any movement. And, since 90% of the information that’s transmitted to our brains is visual, we use what we see to make decisions much more often that what we read, or hear.

Why Video Is Important for Your Tow Company Website

As a tow company owner, you understand that what makes your towing company different is that you’re not like all the other towing companies around. And the best way to differentiate your business is through the use of video on your website. Again, if this is done properly, video has the ability to build trust with potential customers.

If you’ve been in the towing business for any time now you know about the fear-mongering the motor clubs use. They fill motorists’ heads with untruths, calling tow company owners “roadside bandits” and accusing us of gouging people when they’re at their most vulnerable.

Your job, as a tow company owner, is to dispel these lies about your business. And, rather than going head-to-head with powerful insurance companies and motor clubs, the best way to do this is to show your website’s visitors that you are a real human being. It’s your opportunity to let them know not only what you do but why you do it.

What Your Tow Company Does

Tow companies provide a valuable service to the community. Tow truck operators assist law enforcement, tow truck operators save stranded motorists, and tow truck operators get crying babies out of locked cars. And a whole lot more.

Why You Do It

How and why you, as a tow company owner, landed in the towing business varies from person to person, so why not TELL YOUR STORY?

People love a good story, and when done with a series of short videos, it has the potential to be very powerful.

Show your website visitors that you have a family. Show them that you sometimes sacrifice time with your family in order to provide services to the community. Show them that you get out of bed at 2:00 AM to change their tires and tow their cars.

If you show them that you are just like them, you stand a good chance of breaking the false beliefs the motor clubs have created in their minds.

How To Properly Include Video on Your Tow Company Website

Now that you understand that having videos on your website can help build trust with potential customers, we’re going to talk about how to do it so that you get the best value from your efforts.

Get Your Own YouTube Account

There are many marketing companies out there who will create videos for your towing website. Unfortunately, most of these companies upload your newly created video to their company’s YouTube account, or their own platform. They then embed the video on your website.

What this means is that you don’t get the same SEO value you would if you had created it yourself and uploaded it to your own YouTube account.

With your own YouTube account, when you upload your videos, you can include keywords, and tags, and link back to specific pages on your website. And, because YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, when done properly, your videos themselves can show up in search results.

Don’t Use Static Images & Canned Voice-Overs

I don’t know about you, but if I’ve seen one Dex created video, I’ve seen them all.

When people click on your video, they are giving you something of value, their time. If the video they click on is filled with static photos that slowly move across the screen, and a canned voice-over guy talking about how great [Tow Company Name Goes Here] your tow company is, they will quickly click away.

Give your viewers a reason to stay, and again, you do this by being you.

Most likely, people clicking on your videos will have no idea about the behind-the-scenes action of a towing company. When you give them a peek into your world they’ll be inclined to stick around, and hopefully, come back for more.

Create a Custom Thumbnail Photo For Your Video

To have a higher chance at attracting viewers, your videos should include a custom thumbnail photo. You’ve all seen a thumbnail photo, it’s the image you click on in the column to the right on YouTube. You can and should create a custom photo for each of your videos. It should contain an image and some text that explains, in as few words as possible, what the potential viewer will learn by watching. Basically, a custom thumbnail tells them why they should watch your video.

Added SEO Benefit of Having Video on Your Tow Company Website

So, text is great, but to compete and be heard AND SEEN above the din, video gets more attention. One of the added benefits of including video on your tow company website is the fact that, when people watch them, they are spending more time on your site. Why does this aid in search engine optimization? Because one of Google’s ranking factors is “Time Spent on Your Site.”

If done properly, video can have enormous benefits for you tow company website. Not only do you stand to benefit from increased search engine optimization, but also from the fact that potential customers have the opportunity to learn who you truly are.

When you build trust with the public while increasing SEO it becomes a snow-ball effect that can take your business to new heights with increased rankings for years to come.