The Quickest Way To Lose Business
Is To Be Invisible

The towing business is a needs-based service business. When the need arises, most people choose the first towing company that comes to mind. If they can’t remember a particular name, they’ll perform a search online or look in the yellow pages under towing.

Be memorable: Stand out in a good way.

The first step to becoming more visible is for your towing business to become more memorable.

Think about an emergency you’ve had in your life. Say a time when you cut your hand and needed stitches. You didn’t want to admit it but you needed professional help. And most likely, there were more than a few urgent care facilities in your town and a few hospitals too. As soon as you accepted the fact that you needed a doctor, a picture of where you wanted to go appeared in your mind…you knew the exact place.

Why do you think that is?

The answer can be many things. One might be because you’d been there before. But the biggest reason, most likely, is because you knew that the professionals at that particular facility would take care of you…you knew you’d be in good hands.

Now when you’re just starting out…You might think that “There’s no way I can be seen as the type of professional that’s remembered like that.” But you shouldn’t short-change yourself…if you know what you’re doing…there is a way.

One trap new towers fall into…when advertising their services…is the need to discuss their training and certifications. They’re proud and want to show the whole world that they know what they’re doing. The problem with that is…customers already expect you to know what you’re doing.

The way they see it is… “Why else would you be driving a tow truck if you didn’t know how to use it?” They don’t care about all your certifications.

All they want to know is what’s in it for me (wiifm)?

So standing out in a good way can mean something as simple as having a clean truck with your business name on it, always wearing a clean high-vis uniform—wherever you go or driving your tow truck to church and to the store.

Also…don’t hide your vocation.

Many times…because business owners are hyper-aware of the negative connotations that pushy salesmen have…they’re reluctant to show-off or even talk about what they do. Going so far as to take off their company work shirt when buying a gallon of milk.   …This Is A Mistake…

You want to be seen doing what you do every day because it helps to humanize your business…putting a face on it.

You being you…is a constant reminder to all who come into contact with you that you’re proud of what you do.

So…Just like the urgent care facility is remembered when you cut your hand – you will be remembered when the need for a tow truck arises.


Be found: Be where your customers are looking.

When stranded along the highway, a motorist has many concerns. When you couple the stress and confusion over what to do with a flat tire or other automotive issues, many times, a good customer will forget your name. All she knows is… at that moment. She needs help.

But even if she can’t remember your name, you’ll still have a shot at getting the call.


If you’ve already followed through on step one and made yourself visible…when she does a search online and sees your company name among all the other listings for towing services, she’ll choose YOU.


If you’ve ever been pulled over by the police…you know that ache in the pit of your stomach and the cold feeling as the blood drains from your face. And, even though, as a tower, you’ve grown accustomed to LED’s at midnight…reds and blues in your rear-view are never fun. And waiting for the officer to tell you what you’ve done is excruciating. You go over every move you made in the last 10 minutes, trying to figure it out…So you’ll know how to respond. It can be highly emotional.

And now imagine your eyes adjusting to the officer’s flashlight as he asks you for your license and registration…and then finally the relief you feel as you realize he’s your next door neighbor…and he’s still got your lawn mower.

Yeah, it’s like that.

When a stranded motorist needs help she’ll be much more willing to choose a familiar face (or your recognizable business name) over someone she doesn’t know. You’ll be a warm and welcome friend…rather than…just another guy in a tow truck. She’ll happily choose you…because you’re familiar.

Be Memorable…Be Easily Found

Now take these two steps and use them to gain the attention of repair shops, trucking companies, law enforcement, and other businesses.