Buying A Tow Truck at a Tow Show

There’s an isolated tribe on a tiny tropical island in the Indian Ocean who have zero contact with the outside world. And they like it that way. Resisting all attempts at communication and living in grass huts, these self-reliant people survive by hunting, fishing, and gathering wild plants.  And due to their deep distrust of the outside world and the belief that their way of life is superior, their advancement has been stunted for thousands of years.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, minus a few details. Like living in a grass hut and gathering wild berries, some tow company owners I know are like that.  We prefer to do things our own way, adjusting very slowly to change.

But does change always equal progress?

Well, one might argue, if it weren’t for change, we might still be knee-deep in mud, face-to-face with Bessy-the-tow-mule, begging for “one more try” as we attempt to dislodge a covered wagon from a mud hole.

But thankfully, we’ve advanced…Right? We are far removed from equine extrication and berry gathering.

Yes, today’s successful tow boss understands that he must embrace state-of-the-art equipment that minimizes effort, multiplies results, and decreases the need for foraging.

And with this understanding plus the advent of tow shows, we’re now bombarded with messages telling us that even though it’s our business and we are responsible, we no longer need to think for ourselves. Rather, we should accept that people outside our industry can assist us in running our businesses better than we can.

As mentioned, one place to find this kind of insistent messaging and assistance is at your annual tow shows.  Now I know what you’re thinking, “They just want to sell me a truck.”  Of course, they want to sell you a truck (get two even), but if that stops you from taking advantage of the new ideas tow shows have to offer… then you’re no better than one of those isolated tribesmen down on the beach.

Think about it.

The most contact you have with towing people is when you accidentally bump into a competitor down at the Walmart. Not that you’d talk to that guy anyway…but the point is, you don’t have a lot of people telling you what’s best for you.

Do you really think that’s healthy?

Oh, sure, there’s your mother-in-law. She’s always full of useful information and not one to hold back, either.

The problem is, she doesn’t understand your needs. No one does, really… if you think about it.

No one knows the challenges you deal with and the toll it takes on you…day in and day out. But it’s ok…as tow show planners, we get you. We have a lot of experience under the big towing tent. And we are ready and willing to toss our hat in the ring and get down to business to help you. But, more than that, we have the skills and experience to make you feel like a real towman. And, for a few dollars more, we can even type your name on a certificate of achievement. Have you heard about our spa days?

Ok, enough of that!

Think of a problem you’re having right now… maybe it’s motor clubs, employees, or you need a new tow truck.  Whatever it is, you’ll probably find a class or a seminar, or a tow truck for sale at a tow show.

The Art of Buying A Tow Truck at a Tow Show

Tested on towers (Disclaimer: No towers were harmed during testing) and developed for towers, the tow shows have developed a perfect tow truck selling system. And, while many of the truck vendors have never been in your shoes because, of course, practical knowledge can be overrated, they have something much more valuable to offer.

In lieu of decades of real-world experience doing the work that you do, their expertise lies solely in the ability to offer convenient financing options on late-model tow trucks. Of course, these very competent guys and gals also have the ability to expedite your order. So…you can expect to receive your truck in about 18 months or so unless someone else is willing to pay more. And many even provide various options, including your choice of color (options limited to red, black & puce ) as well as a limited supply of upholstery. (Some even have flashing LED lights)

Don’t get me wrong. These aren’t your typical know-it-all tow truck salesmen selling tow trucks over the internet. These guys are veterans in the vehicle sales industry.  They’ll show up primed and ready to take you on a test drive, well, let you sit in a truck and turn on the lights. No matter…the point is…they have tow trucks for sale.

Of course, you’ll find more than just shiny new tow trucks at tow shows. You’ll also have the ability to make valuable connections and leave your business card so other salespeople can call you later. It’s a magical experience.

Do you have an idea for your business that you’re sure would be profitable, but you haven’t pulled the trigger?  Maybe it’s incorporating a service truck into your fleet or buying a tandem axel carrier to get into equipment transport. Is it still only an idea because you’re not sure how to start?  Ask a tow truck salesman.

Tow shows are a great place to make friends, get advice, and stock up on all kinds of gear. And, at the end of the day, if you allow yourself to be open, you might walk away from the whole encounter a bit wiser than before. Of course, you may have a little less money in your bank account and a smidge more debt, but you’ve got 84 months to pay it back. Plus, you’ll have learned a valuable lesson.

Tow shows are also where you’ll find people who are dealing with the same problems you’re dealing with.  They’re confronting some of the same challenges as you and can help point you in the right direction.

Last year I spoke with a couple of guys with more than two decades of experience in the business.  Without divulging their company names or locations, these highly capable towers we’re happy to offer loads of unsolicited yet helpful information.

Like tips on the best tow truck dealerships to buy from and where to get free mud flaps.  One guy explained that what his salesman does is visit every six months and give him free bottles of booze, Cabo Wabo, I think it was.  He says that’s what keeps him loyal.

The other told me that he buys top-of-the-line LED lights on something called the “Dark Web” for half price from a dealer out of Canada. These were things I didn’t even know I needed help with at the time.  You might think these guys had ulterior motives or were sent there by the dealerships. But no, they were just regular folks I met while looking at the tow trucks. Do you think I would have gotten that type of information from people who weren’t trying to manipulate me? I don’t think so.

Like moths to a flame, towers from all over the world come to our tow shows. And so should you. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what one satisfied attendee said about the experience last year. Dale from Arkansas writes, “It’s a legitimate excuse to get away from work for a while.”

Sounds dreamy, wouldn’t you say?

So don’t let the bright lights and rows of trucks for sale scare you away. Sure, we’re going to try and sell you a truck or two, but there’s also great food, a cigar night, juggling clowns, and a motor club recruiting station down every aisle.