Write For Us

The Tow Academy is looking for individuals who are involved in the towing business to contribute as guest posters on our blog. If you are a tow company owner, employee, or a vendor who supplies products or services to towing businesses, and have something that may be of use to the thousands of tow company owners throughout the United States and Canada who visit our site monthly, then there may be a place for your material here.

Contribute a guest post on www.thetowacademy.com We are looking for content relevant to the towing industry. Currently only looking for informative content related to:

  • Dispatching For Higher Conversions (or any other dispatching related material)
  • Customer service (best practices, and overcoming challenges, convert more customers)
  • Handling damages (challenges with fixing it yourself versus paying repair shop, and any other issues with damages)
  • Employee retention (compensation methods that work, give & take involved, and more)
  • Police Rotation Challenges
  • Motor Club Rates (or any other motor club related issues)
  • Truck maintenance (staying on top of it in an attempt to avoid costly repairs down the road)
  • How to motivate employees
  • Scheduling employees
  • Insurance (how to keep costs down, and any other considerations)
  • Operations (Proper loading and unloading methods, recoveries, etc.)
  • Reposessions
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Rate Caps
  • How to work with City Hall, or the Local Sheriff, for better outcomes for all
  • Third-Party Dispatching (Good & Bad)
  • Know your numbers (how to ensure you are making a profit)
  • What kind of truck to buy (What cab and chassis do you like for light-duty, medium-duty, flatbed, heavy-duty)
  • What kind of beds do you like
  • Asking for online reviews (what scripts, and practices work best for gathering online reviews?)

All contributor posts are allowed a link back to their site. All contributing websites are reviewed prior to publishing to ensure the relevance of the information provided, so as to avoid spamming The Tow Academy audience.

We are not looking for rants or attacks against specific companies. This is not a place to vent your frustrations, the information we are looking for is intended to help the towing community, as a whole, to rise above and make more money.

If you are interested in submitting an article, or being a regular contributor to The Tow Academy, please email us at: amber@thetowacademy.com