Frequently Asked Questions


We do our best to be as transparent as possible, so you know what type of towing service you are working with. To that end, and to better serve you, we’ve compiled and answered a few frequently asked questions.

Our response times vary, especially during morning & evening drive-time, but usually, once we’ve received all the information and have a clear understanding of your needs and your location, we can arrive within 30 minutes or less.
The cost for towing a vehicle is calculated using a couple of different variables. First, depending upon how far we must travel to arrive at your location, we may or may not charge an en-route mileage fee. After that we have a standard hook-up fee. This is for the labor involved in loading, securing, and unloading your car. In addition to the hook-up fee, depending upon the distance your car needs towed, we may charge a dollar amount per mile. This fee is usually $3.00 per mile.  Of course, these are standard “Towing-Fees” only, this does not include the cost of a recovery, should that be required. (Call For Details- 720-416-4800)
Our towing service is more than just picking up cars and moving them from place to place, we truly care about our customers. That is why we keep a database of various bodyshop, and mechanics, so that, when asked, we can easily direct you to the nearest most reputable facility. Leave it to The Towing Company LLC, we’ve got your best interest in mind.
When you call for towing service, the first piece of information we require is you exact location. If you are at your home or place of business please provide us with the address, and a phone number should we need more information. If you are roadside, please provide us with the highway or street name and your direction of travel, north, south, east, or west. Next, if you have it, the name of the nearest cross-street. After that, if you could provide us with your best explanation of the problem; flat tire, out of gas, engine issues, broken ball-joint, slide-off, motor vehicle accident with law enforcement presence, etc. With the proper information you can rest assured that your towing service will arrive in a timely manner to provide a solution.

We work with most major insurance company’s roadside assistance plans, and will provide you with the service you need with no problems. Once we’ve provided the towing service, we ask that you pay us directly, then we will provide you with a payment receipt which you then submit to your roadside assistance company for reimbursement. How simple is that?

The Towing Company LLC has towed thousands of vehicles and we take great care with each and ever one to assure that no damage is incurred. You can rest assured that our towing service understands the need for a white-glove approach when it comes to specialty vehicles, including exotic, or vintage cars. Your prized automobile will be pampered in luxury as it rides high and out of harms way. Low clearance vehicle? No problem, through the combination of our flatbeds’ low loading angle and the use of a ramping system, no scraping or bumper scratching will occur.
We accept cash, & most major credit cards. Our towing service understands the need for flexibility in payment options. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, give us a call, we may be able to accommodate you with other arrangements.
We provide towing service to the Denver Metro area. If you are in need of a long distance tow, we can do that too, give us a call for details.