Do You Own A Me-Too Towing Business?

Me-Too Towing Business Challenges

Have you ever attempted to get more cash-paying towing customers by Cold-Calling the auto repair shops?

Yeah, we all have.

You have all the manpower necessary, you’ve got the equipment, and you know exactly how to do the job right.

NOW…all you need now is more cash-calls. You need more tow jobs.

So, you stroll into one auto repair shop after another and introduce yourself to the owner or shop manager.

And…Most likely, the whole scenario plays out a little like this.

In many cases, the shop owner has already been approached by tow company owners before. So, as you walk in the door and say hi, he barely puts his pen down to listen.

And, while you attempt to explain how your towing business is different than all the rest, you get a sinking feeling in your gut.

Remember, the whole goal of doing all this is to DRUM-UP more business for your towing company. Your goal for today was to go out, KILL IT, and drag it home.

But after a few minutes of discussion, you suddenly sense that all your efforts are getting you nowhere. So, being the smart guy that you are, you decide to try something else.

Instead of doing the work to make the distinction between you and all the other tow company owners he knows, you decide to offer the shop owner a GREAT RATE.

Off the top of your head, you come up with $45 per tow…or some other ridiculous number. And you just spit it out hoping that it’ll stick.

Even though it’s a number THAT YOU KNOW is damn near motor club rates.

Good news is…You got the account, but at what cost?

You kick yourself as you get back in your truck.

Really Sucks, Right?

Don’t Fall For The Me-Too Towing Business Trap

Ok, Listen Up…

The truth is that COMPETING solely on the basis of price can be a FATAL problem for your business.

If your only method of acquiring customers is to offer the lowest rates, to be the LOW-PRICE LEADER, then you own a ME-TOO BUSINESS.

Your business is no different than any other tow guy out there.

And…owning a ME-TOO BUSINESS means that you’re going to continue to struggle. You’re going to continue to have trouble paying repair bills, insurance premiums, and meeting other obligations…Like taking care of your family. All because of your myopic view of your business.  Go ahead and look it up, it means having a “…narrow view of something.”

You’re going to continue to struggle…Until you decide to make a change.


The name of the game is INNOVATION.

One way to innovate is to become THE OVERWHELMING option.

Imagine what your life would look like if instead of groveling for scraps from the repair shops and motor clubs, you were sought out by thousands.

How would it feel if, every day your phone was ringing with new customers? Customers…who were willing to pay your rates?

Wouldn’t that be great?

And they’re calling…NOT because you’re the low-price leader and a ME-TOO BUSINESS.

No…they’re calling because your business was the OVERWHELMING option.

So, how do you become the OVERWHELMING option?

You do it by incorporating a proven process that’s worked for everyone who’s tried it.

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You have a choice. In just 6 short months when you look back on this day, you can either do so with regret or with a smile…Which is it gonna be?

Don Archer
The Tow Academy