The Tow Academy Website Questionnaire


Our primary goal when creating your website is to increase the visibility of your business in your market by way of technical search engine optimization. The resulting increased traffic to your site generates brand recognition, builds trust, and allows you to acquire more customers. Additionally, when building your site, we want to ensure that it is an accurate characterization of your business. So please take your time to provide us with as much information about your business as possible.

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Website Questionnaire
What are your hours of operation? Monday-Friday as well as weekend hours.
There are thousands of variations of websites, with differing styles. Please take a look at your competitors' websites and any other websites that you like or may have seen, and take note what you like about them & what you don’t like and why. This helps to steer us in the right direction.
Please tell us a few things about your business that might be of interest to your customers. Are there any unusual or quirky facts that only insiders in your business know? Did your business start out as a service shop and then peel off into divisions? The more that you reveal about your business, the more comfortable people will be with choosing to use your services.
Please tell us a little bit about your business. How many years you've been in business, owner’s names, philosophies, why customers use you, etc.
Please provide us with the predominant colors for your business. If specific, please provide the hex codes.
Do you have a slogan or catch phrase you would like us to use?
Company Mission Statement
Please be as specific as you can.
Provide all the certifications you’d like on your website. What licenses, certifications, memberships, and awards you’ve received.
If you are a member of your area chamber of commerce, BBB, state towing association, or any other membership you think would be of note, please enter it here.
Our goal is to showcase the services you provide in both visual and written content.

So, please provide numerous images; photos, clipart, etc. and submit them in as large a file size as you can. Include photos of the trucks and equipment you use, as well as photos of your employees providing service to customers.  There are basically 3 types of photos we are looking for.
1.) Photos that show off your trucks & facilities.
2.) Photos that show employees providing services.
3.) Cameo shots, one with the owners looking into the camera, and group shots with everyone looking into the camera.

Tow Truck Operators; It’s best if you seek out or create photos that include tow truck operators doing their jobs, loading and unloading a vehicle, recovery services, roadside assistance (tire changes, unlocks, battery service/jump starts, etc.) as well as customer service photos. Varied shots, with multiple vehicles and customers works best.

Dispatchers & Office Staff; Photos answering the phone, placing phone calls, interacting with customers in person (if possible) this can also be staged.

Owners; Photos, maybe operating a tow truck, or talking on the phone, and/or interactions with both customers and employees. Plus, if you can get it, a head-shot, looking into the camera.

Photo Delivery; There are many methods of delivering your photos to us. You can use the File Upload method below (up to 50MB), Google Drive, or send them via text. If you do text them, please send them in the largest file size available.  Text to: 573-821-5671, Google Drive: Share to email:

Quality The photos you provide will be decreased in size when uploaded to your website. This is part of the optimization process.  This means, that to achieve the highest quality final images we must start with a quality image.  You don’t need to be a professional photographer to do this. Just ensure the sun is behind you, meaning not spilling into the camera lens, and that there is ample light on the subject.

Logo Please provide a clean copy of your logo in either a .PNG file, .PSD file, .EPS file, or .AI file.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Use this space to provide any additional information, specific to your business.