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Policies & Procedures Employee Manual

For Your Towing Business

Gain Structure & Sustained Growth

Build A Strong Team That Supports One Another

Attract & Retain Quality Tow Truck Operators

Interviewing & Hiring Processes

Use Of Company Property

Guidelines For Tow Truck Operators

Performance Reviews

Guidelines For Dispatchers

Social Media Policy

Personal Appearance Policies

Separation Policy, and more

How to Attract and Retain High Quality Tow Truck Operators

Policies & Procedures Manual For The Towing Industry

Attracting & Retaining Quality Tow Truck Operators 

If you’re like many in the towing industry you’ve probably had your fair share of failures when it comes to hiring and retaining quality tow truck operators. The first thing you should know is that, if you have failed at it in the past, it’s not your fault.

There are a lot of so-called experts out there and much of the information they’re putting out has nothing to do with the challenges you must contend with in the towing business. And… the limited information that is out there, that is specific to the towing business, can be quite confusing.  It may be this overload of misinformation that is exactly what’s keeping you from success. But it’s ok.

If you’ve tried before and failed at creating an environment that allows you to attract and retain quality tow truck operators, and fear that you just can’t do it, I want to put your fears to rest. You can do this, it is not your fault, you just need the right person to explain what’s necessary.

Now I understand that, if you are working for the clubs, and most of you are, the rates they’re paying can make it difficult to provide competitive wages to your employees. And, of course, your competitions’ low rates do nothing to further your ability to attract and retain quality people either. It’s not in their best interest.

Yes, it seems that these days everyone wants to take a piece of your pie. But even though it may seem that all these things combined are whats holding you back, I’m here to tell you that with what you’ll learn here in the next few minutes, none of that stuff will matter.

A properly prepared and effective Policies & Procedures Manual must be industry-specific. And no one knows better than you that the towing business has demands like no other industry. That’s why, with the input and support of HR Professionals and Employment Law Attorneys, this manual was created by towers specifically for the towing business.