How To Get 5 Star Reviews For Your Towing Business And Why You Need To

How To Get Reviews For Your Towing Business And Why You Need To

When I was in the towing business I disabled reviews on my Google Plus page.

I did it because I heard all the horror stories from other business owners who were attempting to dispute negative, untrue, comments and then learning that those reviews cannot be removed.  Whatever anyone puts out there about your business is considered Gospel by Google.  It almost takes an act of Congress to get that stuff removed.

Who needs that trouble?

But later I learned that not having reviews did me more harm than good.

Not having reviews told potential customers that choosing my business might be risky. And regardless of a 5 star rating or a 3.5 star rating, when my competitors had reviews and I did not, they got the call, not me.

And Google Loves Reviews

The other BIG DEAL about reviews is that Google Loves Reviews. Of course they love their reviews the most, as evidenced by the fact that they only show their reviews, from their Google Plus Page on their map. The map everyone sees when they perform a search.

And the more, and better reviews you have—the higher they want to place your business in the rankings.

The Stats to Back It Up

Now it’s not just me saying this.  In a 2015 Brightlocal Consumer Survey, when asked, 92% of consumers said that they use online reviews when making buying decisions. And a Chitika survey found that 62% of all searches resulted in consumers choosing one of the top 3 results.

Being on the map’s a big deal for your business.

And here’s some more good news about reviews

Good Reviews Push Down Bad Reviews

The more good reviews you have the higher your aggregate, which means you’re overall star rating is higher.  Then the bad reviews don’t mean so much.

Ok hopefully, for your sake, you are now a believer that reviews are good for your business.  The next step is finding a streamlined and inexpensive way of gathering them.

The Review Tool of Choice

Before we get started discussing the easiest and least expensive way of gathering large numbers of reviews for your business, you should see how your business is doing now. Use our free Review Scan tool to generate an instant reputation report and see how your business appears on local review sites across the web, and then come back to this post.

Asking for Reviews is Simple

Here’s one way; “If you think I’ve done a good job would you please leave a review?”

But Getting The Customer to Follow Through…?

That’s a bit more difficult.

The three biggest reasons customers don’t leave reviews are…

  1. No time
  2. Difficulty in leaving a review
  3. They forgot

We Stop Excuses in Their Tracks

We address all three issues by making the process simple.

Here’s how we get reviews for towing businesses

Before the job is 100% complete, while you’re sitting in the truck next to the customer or before you begin to write out the receipt…This is the time to strike… Ask for a review.

If the customer agrees to provide you with a review, all you do is pick up your smart phone and tap what looks like an App on your home screen, like the picture below. It’s really a bookmark for your review website.




It works on any Smart Phone, Tablet or Ipad

Once you tap that bookmark you’ll then land on your business’s review site. It will look something like this next picture.




All you do from there is send the link directly to the customer’s smart phone.  It’s just like sending photos to friends.  Click the box with the arrow coming out of it and you’ll then see a screen like the picture below.




Tap the message box to open the next screen where you simply enter their phone number…Like Below.




Hit the blue send button and your customer will be able to open to your review site and leave a review.  What they will see is a, customized for your business, image similar to the one below. Here they simply choose to give you from one to 5 stars.




From there they have the ability to choose where they want to leave your review, from the options provided.  You, the business owner, have complete control over the options provided.

We suggest that you provide at least two options.



This ease of use is what’s made all the difference for the towing companies using it now.  One towing company went from 8 Google Reviews to over 70 in a little over 3 months, maintaining a 5 Star Rating.  That company now has over 200 reviews across the web, and they’re consistently in the top three on Google’s map.

But What If A Customer Is Unhappy and Leaves A Bad Review

If, for some reason, a customer is unhappy with the services provided and chooses to give you a 1 or 2 star rating, we give you the opportunity to address the problem BEFORE it becomes a negative review.



When an unhappy customer chooses 1, 2, or even three stars (you have control) instead of being directed to a review site, where they can leave potentially harmful and misleading information about their experience with your company, they see a box like the one below.


They fill out the required information and hit send, and the complaint is then emailed directly to you or someone you designate.

This does 3 things. First it allows an angry or frustrated customer the opportunity to vent, decreasing the chances that they’ll also revert to social media and other venues to express their frustrations with your business.  Secondly, it allows you to avoid a potentially harmful review. And lastly it affords you the opportunity to get in front of the problem.  You have the ability to talk to the customer to learn what went wrong, and how it can be fixed.

If you’re interested in learning what else our Review Tool can do for your business and the costs involved call 314-328-9869 or click the “Ask Us How” button in the box below and leave your information and someone will get back with you within 24 hours.


About the Author:

Don G. Archer is the former owner of a 12 truck, 20 employee towing business. He now spends his time helping others build and start successful towing businesses around the country. Don is a multi-published author, educator, and speaker and is known as the tow-evangelist, www. Want to learn more? Email him direct at


  1. Ken Broderick April 22, 2017 at 2:34 pm - Reply

    This is a fantastic article.
    I am helping a friend with a towing website and these ideas are fabulous. Thank you for sharing

  2. Walter Raymond June 16, 2017 at 7:13 pm - Reply

    You are exactly right, Don. The simple answer to the no review problem boils down to “If you think you thing I’ve done a good job, please leave a review.” We have to start asking for things, or we shall never receive. Everything is reciprocal.

    • Don G Archer June 20, 2017 at 3:49 pm - Reply

      The way that I like to train guys on using our review tool is to ask for a review before the job is 100% complete.

      While sitting next to the customer in the truck, or during the process of writing up an invoice, just ask: “If you think I’ve done a good job for you today would you please leave me a positive review?”

      100% of people you ask will give a verbal commitment to leave a review, but if you depend upon them to go straight-away to Google and search you out, 95% will not do it.

      To increase your chances of getting a review you must be proactive. After they verbally commit, pull out your phone and text them the link to your review page. Doing it this way has allowed many of the companies using our system to get more than 40 positive reviews per month.

  3. Alex Hall July 24, 2017 at 9:37 am - Reply

    This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about this topic. The article is nice and it’s pleasant to read. I have known very important things over here.

  4. Worcester towing co October 15, 2017 at 11:23 am - Reply

    Hi Don,
    great info! I have been going back and forth on getting reviews and I know if you ask customers to do them later they never will. This is a quick way to ensure I get em quick and build my reputation honestly. Thanks again!

    • Don G Archer October 17, 2017 at 6:13 pm - Reply

      You are welcome, if you’d like access to our review tool let me know.

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