Stature as THE AUTHORITY in your city or county is a highly coveted position.  Towers all across the country are looking for ways to be seen as the GO-TO towing company in their area. To do this your business must have a commanding digital presence, which means being found in more than one spot on Google’s front page. Getting there is very doable but you’ve got to follow the rules.

Google’s Rules

  • Google uses more than 200 specific rules to determine if a page is structured properly.

  • When someone searches for your services online >>> Google then uses this information to determine if your page is the best fit.

  • The websites that structure their pages the way Google wants them to be structured >>> show up first and get more clicks.

  • These clicks then give the sites more authority, so they start showing up more and more often >>>  This is how we build a site’s authority.

  • Website builders who don’t follow Google’s rules make it difficult for the search engines to know what keywords each page is supposed to rank for.  These websites go nowhere.


For your towing company to become the authority in your market you must have these three things in place…

  • A Properly Optimized Website

  • A Properly Optimized Google Plus Page

  • 100% Accurate Directory Listings across the Web

  • A Large Quantity of Quality Online Reviews

Building Blocks To Becoming The Authority In Your Market


Building a Properly Optimized Website

We start by laying down a solid foundation.

Our websites are mobile-responsive and fully search engine optimized upon completion, which means our sites work.

Many of the other companies building sites don’t provide on-page search engine optimization as a part of the building process, we do.

We completely optimize each page for the search terms your customers are using so that you’re no longer perceived as a me-too towing business. We then verify and submit your pages to Google and Bing and then monitor the indexing. This is done to ensure that the search engines can understand and easily navigate your site so that they can present your business website to potential customers when a search is performed.

Having a fully optimized site for local search is 49.3% of local SEO.


Creating A Properly Optimized Google Plus Page

After we’ve created your website, we then create, optimize, and verify your Google Plus Page and your Facebook Business Page.

We then integrate these pages into your website.

What this does is, whenever you post anything on these two social media platforms, it creates activity on your website. This tells the search engines that your business is open and prompts them to present you more often when a search is performed.

Then…using your logo and images from your website, we ensure consistency between all three, your website, your Google Plus Page, and your Facebook Business page.


Getting your Directory Listings 100% Accurate

Directory Listings for local search are 36.62% of local SEO.

In the eyes of Google, or whatever search engine is being used, local citations, or directory listings, create more authority for your business. But your listings must be 100% accurate in all directories.

Directories are populated by aggregators who pull in information from thousands of sources. Many times this information is not accurate.

If you allow your business to continue to be listed inaccurately, in any of these directories, it signals to the search engines that your business is not reputable. When this happens your entire digital presence suffers and your business falls in the rankings.  Like a rock at the bottom of a lake.

We get you listed in all the directories the search engines deem reputable. Then ensure consistency across the web, correcting inaccurate listings. We then lock them down so that no one can get in and make changes.

The Net Result

The net result of doing All-of-the-above is your business benefits from a commanding and authoritative online presence.  And since 92% of online searches terminate on the first page, if you’re not doing all this stuff you might as well go back to the Yellow Pages and throw your money out the window.

We’ve helped dozens of tow company owners build their businesses, all across the country. We’ve helped them to become the authority in their market. And…We can help you too.

But We Can’t Help Everybody

You must be a rare breed of entrepreneur.

You must have the emotional and intellectual intelligence to accept the fact that you need help.

If you’re like most tow company owners, you probably already have a website.  You probably already have a Google Plus Page. You may have even made attempts at clearing up your Directory Listings.  But even after doing all of this, you still struggle.

You’re struggling because your overall web presence is sadly lacking, which means you’re missing out on hundreds if not thousands of potential cash calls every year.

If you are a member of this rare breed click here and leave your name and number and I’ll give you a call back. I can plug your business into our system and show you where your online presence needs work.