And, when you do get the book, you’ll also get the first 4 chapters of my newest book, absolutely free.

(This Book Is Not Yet Available Anywhere)

How to Attract a Devoted Throng of Fanatical Customers.”

Distinguishing Yourself from the Horde and Winning in the Towing Business.


It’s a sneak peek at a very powerful book that, quite frankly, isn’t for everyone.

It’s packed full of lessons I’ve learned from others, and my own experiences in the towing business and other businesses that I’ve owned.

But, I warn you, I have some very specific views about life and money that may rub some snowflakes the wrong way.

For example, I’m unapologetically conservative republican, and cannot understand how anyone who’s a business owner could ever vote for the anti-business left that exists today.

And, in this abbreviated version of the book, one strategy I teach…

Is how to use your staunchly held beliefs, whichever way you may lean, to help catapult you toward success in business.

Too many people refrain from expressing themselves, for fear of alienating potential customers.

But when you do it the way I show you in the book, you end up growing your business beyond belief.

Inside you’ll find:

  • An almost forgotten but powerful method of getting people to know, like and trust you, and think only of your business when they need your services.

  • More than a half dozen “Top Tier” strategies for working with other local businesses that have the potential of causing your phones to ring off the hook.

  • How to have fun and collaborate with other towing companies in your area to make your business stand out as the leader.

  • How to use little known psychological events that trigger a person’s desire to not only use your services, but also refer you to others.

  • A method/script way of talking to customers before you even touch their vehicle that will make your business instantly memorable and referable.

  • How using a simple but effective strategy will get customers to look at your business as the clear choice. Do this right and you can stop competing on price alone.

  • A curious twist on how to use an inexpensive promotional item that makes your business instantly memorable, and referable to others.

  • How to get motorists to Google your business namerather than simply searching, “Tow Truck Near Me.”  This top of mind awareness is priceless if you know how to make it happen.

The full version of this book won’t be out until 2020…

And when it is released the price is going to be much higher than the “Roadside Assistance Business Blueprint.”

But, what you’ll find in these first 4 chapters for free, if used correctly, will allow you to make back 100-fold and more than what I’ll be selling it for next year.

Really, I Don’t Believe
That It’s Possible For
You To Not Grow Your
Business Using These Tools.

  • You’re getting one of the best methods, that those “in the know” in the business world use to get people talking about their businesses and buying from them in hordes.

  • And I show you how to legally and morally use other people’s topical discussion and content to become the dominate towing or roadside assistance company in your market. That alone is worth the price of admission.

  • You’ll learn how the phrase “Feast or Famine,” is destructive and actually holding you back, keeping you from getting what you want.
  • The only two reasons you should ever consider social media for business. Getting social right is not what you think.
  • Inside, I provide a comparison of Goals and Objectives and how one is much more powerful than the other and show how harnessing it is key to your success.
  • How being unpredictable can inspire others to want to get to know you, and how to use their interest to build your business beyond your dreams.
  • And…how to stop feeding at the teat of the low-paying motor clubs and instead become sought out by thousands in your community.