Due Diligence Package – Getting Started

This package is for complete beginners who have zero knowledge of the towing industry but are eager to learn.

Before you begin any venture you must first learn where the opportunities lie, as well as the investments required.

In terms of both money and time.

The quickest way to determine whether or not owning a towing business is right for you is to do your due diligence.

To assist in providing you a full understanding of where the opportunities lie, and the investment necessary to start and run your own towing business, we work with you, one-on-one, to carry out in-depth research of your market.

This is an essential first step to ensure your business is a success.

If, after learning what’s required, you are ready to move forward, we’ll then teach you the WHERE? HOW? WHAT? & WHY? of towing.

  • You’ll learn what type of truck(s) are essential
  • What types of customers are most profitable
  • You’ll learn what local, state, and federal laws you must comply with (To stay in business)
  • The 4 types of insurance required and where to get coverage…(Not every insurance agency offers tow company insurance)
  • The best way to get customers to come to you
  • How to use dispatching to increase sales
  • Best compensation methods for tow company employees
  • If using contractors is right for your business
  • What channels are best for marketing your business for maximum profitability
  • How and where to sign up with insurance companies
  • How to leverage insurance company customers for increased cash sales
  • You’ll learn how to negotiate contracts for maximum profit
  • Best practices when working with repair shops and dealerships
  • You’ll get help determining whether you should be a contracted provider or non-contracted provider
  • You’ll learn how to determine your average cost per call
  • How social media and the web can be leveraged for sustained growth
  • You’ll learn best practices for setting rates
  • How to manage customer complaints and negative reviews
  • How to handle damages and avoid further fallout (This will help you steer clear of increased insurance premiums)
  • The best towing software to use
  • Which insurance companies pay the best
  • And more…