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Don G. Archer is the former owner of a 12 truck, 20 employee towing business. He now spends his time helping others build and start successful towing businesses around the country. Don is a multi-published author, educator, and speaker and is known as the tow-evangelist, www. Want to learn more? Email him direct at

How To Increase Your Towing Company’s Profits Through Accurate Record Keeping

By |Accounting, Basics|

  Are you actually making a profit or just putting money in the bank that will eventually be spent on repair bills, damages, or some other unforeseen expense?  If you don’t know—how can you [...]

Philly Newspaper Editor: Tow Truck Operators Are Pirates Looking to Steal Cars?

By |Private Party Impounds|

This post is in response to an opinion piece from, you can read the article here Tell us how you really feel about tow truck operators. Here's one piece of the puzzle you left [...]