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tow company marketing

Tow Company Marketing

Get More Tows

Make More Profit

Keep Your Customers Loyal

Find & Retain Awesome Employees

Tow Company Marketing

Get More Tows

Make More Profit

Keep Your Customers Loyal


Find & Retain Awesome Employees

Read What Our Customers Are Saying


“It’s unbelievable what The Tow Academy’s services have done for my businesses. Besides towing, I also operate a container moving business. And, what Don has done for that business has given it a “Booster-Shot” in the arm it needed. Thanks.”

Richard Bilafer, B & A Towing, San Francisco

500 calls in one month!!!!! That’s insane! And that’s without running Google ads all the time. At an average of $75 per call, that’s $37,500! Insane!!! If tow companies don’t partner with you it’s because they just don’t want to succeed, plain and simple.”

Luis Chacon, Chacon Towing, San Antonio, Texas

“I just started my business, and thanks to The Tow Academy I’m already busy. Don is always available whenever I text or call. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who’s not operating in the same area as me. Don’t need the competition.”

Roberto Ochoa, The Towing Company LLC, Aurora, Colorado

We instantly noticed an increase of calls for tows… Don took time to listen to our needs and ideas and was able to take every detail we wanted and insert it into our new website. It is great to know he is also there to support us through our venture and continue to make changes to our site as our company grows.  Thank you Don!”

Karyn Leibowitz, Rockdale Towing, Reisterstown, Maryland

Three Methods Of Online Tow Company Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

A properly search engine optimized (SEO) website will increase your business’s visibility in your market. Meaning, you’ll be found when people search. When you want first page results for numerous keyphrase searches, call on The Tow Academy to get it done.

Google Ads

Depending on your budget and the search volume in your area, implementing a Google Ad campaign has the potential to provide your business with tons of cash calls.  But, not all campaigns are built the same. Our Google Ad team is headed by a former Google Employee.

Social Media

Our social media campaigns are not implemented to provide your business with instant cash calls. A properly optimized campaign should do two things. First, it should positively impact your SEO efforts, second, it should increase Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) in your market.  Ask us how.

Yes, I’m Interested In Your Online Marketing Services.

Fill out the form and hit the send button. When you do, we’ll give you a call and see if we can help. If you don’t have a website, what are you waiting for? Fill out the form NOW!

Tow Company Marketing 2020

What worked a few short years ago no longer works today. Placing your trust in outdated modes of marketing your business, like print YellowPages does not make good business sense. What works now is a commitment to your business’s digital presence online.

We are committed to your success because, frankly, we’ve been where you are, and…we didn’t like the way we were treated.  The internet is filled with thousands of companies, eager to tell you a story and take your money. They cause confusion and distrust. But, we’re here to help. We want you to you grow your business beyond dependence on motor clubs and other abusers. Contact us and we’ll show you we can help you receive a consistent flow of customers.

The Tow Academy is dedicated tow company marketing, and helping towers rise above their current conditions. We started the Tow Academy to help decrease your reliance on motor clubs and other abusers. We only work with towing companies because if we were to delve into other industries, we stand the chance of losing our focus. This focus on tow company online marketing gives us the ability to continually address the challenges you come up against every day. And because of this, we believe we have the ability to provide a higher level of service and results to our customers.

The highest, best use of your marketing dollars should be invested in the creation and ongoing enhancement of your online presence. Towing customers only need you, when they need you. So, when that time comes you need to be where they are looking, On Their Smartphones. The YellowPages and other print advertising are no longer effective. Motor clubs are disloyal and pay lousy. And, third-party dispatching companies and municipalities are sucking profit margins from non-consensual towing. All of this means that towing companies, in droves, are looking to cash calls to save the day.  Bottom line, if you’re not taking charge of your online presence, and investing in the only place your customers are looking, you’re losing business.

Towing Company Websites That Work

Effective Google Ad Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

Reviews Generator Tool

Directory Listing Management

Books For Towing Company Owners

Towing Company Marketing